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Social Media

Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? You know your company needs to take better advantage of social media (or start doing so!), but you don't know where to begin. Our Colorado social media experts can help.

Social media strategy and social media action plans

When it comes to social media, we help our clients in one or both of the following ways:

  1. Developing a laser-focused social media strategy
  2. Ongoing implementation of a social media strategy

Looking for social media guidance?

For clients not sure where to invest their social media efforts, or clients looking to have expert eyes review their existing social media efforts, a social media audit and the development of a social media strategy is typically a best first step.

Our Colorado online marketing team will guide you toward social media clarity and develop a custom social media strategy Action Plan for your business.

Your social media strategy Action Plan will...

  • be easy to maintain
  • directly tie in to your company's specific marketing goals
  • allow you to communicate easily with your target markets
  • allow you to easily address your target markets' pain points
  • position you as an expert source of information within your industry

Included in your social media strategy Action Plan:

  • one-on-one, personal interviews + consultation (via phone or Skype)
  • custom recommendations on the exact mix of social media tools and efforts that will best help you to meet your marketing goals
  • an analysis of the most popular social media topics and discussions in your industry
  • an analysis of the social media presences of your local competitors and leaders within your industry to capture best practices and lessons learned
  • an overview of where your target market is congregating online and what types of information your prospects are seeking at these hotspots
  • clear guidance on how to integrate your website with popular social media platforms and drive traffic among these properties
  • step-by-step instructions on how to collect and sort relevant online news and information related to industry and customer trends
  • instructions on how to use your social media Action Plan to create focused, compelling communications pieces aimed at your target market

The investment for a custom social media Action Plan starts at $3,500.

Need a team to implement your social media strategy each month?

Many of our clients have the desire to make social media work for their businesses, but don't have the internal resources, desire, or time to implement a successful social media strategy on an ongoing basis. (And a social media strategy that's not executed on an ongoing basis is a social media strategy that will yield little to no ROI.)

These clients look to our Colorado social media experts to make an impact on their bottom line by trusting us to implement a successful social media strategy month after month, and track/report on results.  

Ongoing (monthly) social media work begins at $2,500/month.