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Ranking well in the search engines is only part of the story. You need to rank for the right keywords. Rank well for the wrong keywords and your online marketing investments get thrown down the drain.

Build a foundation for your online marketing

Our online marketing audits scrutinize all aspects of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) efforts—as well as your social media efforts, if applicable.

How it works

Based on your company's specific goals, we'll audit your website, research your industry and competitors, and review your existing online marketing efforts.

We'll then analyze the data, and walk you through a customized audit report and next steps. 

What you get

Your audit report is jam-packed with valuable information that acts as the core foundation for all your online marketing moving forward.

It will uncover ...

  • how your existing online marketing efforts are performing
  • your biggest online marketing weaknesses
  • why your competitors' sites are outperforming yours
  • your biggest opportunities for improvement and driving more traffic
  • realistic monetary and time investments you'd need to make to see change
  • critical keyword data such as:
    • keywords that are translating into actual leads and sales
    • keywords you should be targeting to boost your traffic and sales
    • negative keywords you should avoid
    • keywords your competitors are targeting

What this means to you

Invest in an online marketing audit and you’ll walk away with a roadmap for the specific actions you need to improve your search engine rankings and boost traffic to your site.