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Preventative Care Packages

Our quarterly Preventative Care Package lets you rest easy at night. It completely covers your site's ongoing system, security, and upgrading needs without you having to lift a finger. (If you're an existing client and waive this service, you'll need to regularly secure and upgrade your site on your own.)

See below for the difference between investing in a Care Package vs. choosing the default (no Care Package) option.

Quarterly Preventative Care Package


  • Minimal quarterly investment (Talk to us for a quote)
  • $0 to fix any attacks on your site

What you get:

  • Ongoing, rolling backups of your entire site and database, so you're fully covered in case of an emergency
  • Every quarter, we'll provide your site with comprehensive care that includes:
    • Content Management System core upgrades (either WordPress or ExpressionEngine)
    • Plugin updates and plugin conflict debugging (up to 6 at a time)
    • Virus/infection/hacking removal: 100% FREE if you host with us. Discounted fee if you do not. (vs. a bare minimum $1,500 charge if you don't have a Care Package or host with us)
    • Detection of Search Engine crawl errors
    • Scanning, location, and notifications of any 404 (broken/missing) pages
    • Up to 15 minutes of support for new functionality or dashboard changes
    • Detection of any Google-specific security issues
    • Emailed report of work completed, issues found, and (if applicable) site fix recommendations

NO quarterly Preventative Care Package (default)


  • $0 ongoing investment
  • Potential significant costs if something happens to your site (see below)

Your responsibilities if you choose to opt out of a Care Package:

With no quarterly Care Package coverage, you're 100% responsible for the ongoing security, protection, back ups, and continual upgrading of your site, database, and plugins. This means you're responsible for:

  • keeping track of when your Content Management System (WordPress or ExpressionEngine) releases an upgrade
  • conducting all upgrades (including plugin upgrades) yourself
  • troubleshooting conflicts and website errors that occur when upgrading your website
  • keeping ongoing backups of your website
  • tracking whether Google ever experiences difficulty crawling through and indexing your site
  • knowing when your site has been infected by malware (which can block you from showing up in the search engines)
  • Paying a minimum $1,500 fee for fixing/cleaning your site if it's hacked—potentially more if the work must be done rush or you have a large site, and much more if you have not kept ongoing backups of your website

Quarterly vs. Monthly

For larger sites or sites with more extensive needs, you have the option of investing in a monthly, instead of quarterly, Preventative Care Package.