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Conversion Rate Optimization

Progressively improve your website's effectiveness and turn more site visitors into buyers with our Conversion Rate Optimization services and packages.

Your site has a Conversion Rate. 

It's simple, really. Your website's conversion rate is simply the percent of visitors who take the specific action you want them to take on your site (like calling, completing a form, making a purchase, etc.).

What happens when your site's Conversion Rate goes up?

When your website's conversion rate increases, so do your profits. Period.

The best part is that, oftentimes, improving your conversion rate doesn't require you to spend more on advertising. It just requires you to make the data you already have work better.

That's where we come in.

How our Conversion Rate Optimization services work

We're all about continual improvement here. Through research, analysis, and testing, our expert Colorado conversion rate optimization experts will develop your action plan to progressively improve your website's conversion rates and revenue, month after month.

Each project follows a five-step process:

  1. Research. 
    We evaluate what's working and what's not. Collect data. Review your data. Ask lots of questions. Learn about your website goals and frustrations, and determine how we’ll measure success.
  2. Plan. 
    We map out a phased plan of attack to plug existing leaks and open new avenues for increased website traffic and retention.
  3. Implement. 
    During this step, we start putting your plan into practice. It might involve content rewrites, an updated homepage design, email campaigns, tools to automate parts of your sales process—whatever it takes to improve your site and increase revenues most quickly.
  4. Test. 
    After letting our tests run, we'll determine if the strategy has paid off. We’ll do comparison testing to check your original version of content or design against the updates, and determine which performs best for you.
  5. Review. 
    After testing, if the changes made a significant, positive impact to your website, we’ll move on to more improvements. If not, we’ll find out why, and use that information to start again.

Our packages

Option 1: Monthly continual improvement package 

Each month, we’ll run new tests, analyze your data, and work with you to plan improvements. This option works particularly well if you have a high-traffic site. Minimum 4-month engagement required.  Average monthly investment = $3,000.

Option 2: As needed consulting

If you have a specific issue you need sorted, want an eye focused on conversion to review your designs, or have a mini-project you'd like guidance on, this one-time, fixed-fee package may be right for you.

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“Companies are spending too much money on acquiring customers. Successful conversion means maximizing the value from every customer visit and ensuring they always come back for more.”

Dr. Tal Schwartz, Founder and CEO, ClickTale