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Yes, yes, we're award-winning Denver web designers. But please ignore everything we say (we'll explain why in just a minute).

Since 2002, our award-winning creative team here Followbright has helped build a reputation as one of the top agencies that businesses reach out to when searching for premium web designers in Denver.

Our team has built this reputation by delievering far more than just beautiful web designs and providing exquisite customer service (which should be expected from any top Denver web designer agency).  Instead, our reputation has continued to grow over the years because when working with us on any design project, it's a given you'll receive guidance and personalized attention every step of the way, high-level consulting, and both relief and clarity from all of the confusion that surrounds complex projects.  

Our Denver web designers don't just hand over gorgeous designs. Their big picture role is to ensure you feel confident and clear, and that you feel like you can breathe deeply while enjoying the entire process, from beginning to end.

But wait a second, this is starting to feel like boasting.

And we hate boasting. It's ugly.

Read more to learn why you shouldn't listen to what we just said—or what any web design agencies say about themselves.

Starting a project in the Denver area? Brace yourself. You're about to hear how every website designer agency is "the best" agency.

Starting a new website project, are you?

Here's what you can expect: Nearly every web designer company in Denver that you reach out to will jump at the opportunity to share why they're so great.  (Ickgh.)  And yep, the text at the top of this very page falls into the "we're great" category.

The more meetings you have with design agencies, the more you'll hear about how their designs are better.  Why their website designers are more special than the competitions'. Why their unique process is more cutting edge than anyone else's.

Make enough phone calls and/or attend enough in-person meetings and you'll likely find yourself a bit sick to your stomach from all the bragging and boasting.

So we really mean it when we say this: Don't listen to a single word we say about how we're one of the most beloved website designer agencies in Denver.

What continues to grow our exceptional reputation in and around Denver is not our designs.

It's not our processes.

It's not our team.  

It's our amazing clients, who consistently give us the highest marks possible and take time to share stories about their experiences on sites like Google and Yelp as well as our own "What Clients Say" section.  

Listen to our clients and you'll hear stories of amazing results. Results like...

  • CTOs noticing immediate, incredible increases in revenue,
  • CEOs finally being able to sleep at night, 
  • COOs who are thrilled that their sites' glitches have disappeared and teams can do their jobs again, 
  • customer service reps receiving feedback that their new sites are so much easier to use, 
  • entrepreneurs filled with joy that their big picture visions of success have finally come to life,
  • or VPs of Marketing amazed at the incredible social growth and buzz our Denver website designers have generated for them.

What follows are two excerpts from client experiences, including some of the exact words about wokring with Followbright that these clients graciously took the time to share.

Website drove an additional $400,000 of revenue in 20 months

When Leigh Wadden, President of Copper Colorado Condos, engaged in the process of searching for Denver web designers to help her with a complete business website rework from the ground up, she was leery about the time and expenses that would be involved in reimagining the site for her ski resort lodging business.

Our team not only allayed her concerns, they exceeded all her expectations by designing a site that saved her staff an incredible amount of time each week and generated an additional $400,000 in revenue during the first 20 months post site-launch. A brilliant investment indeed for a project that required an investment less than $40,000.  

Leigh shared, “We love the flexibility we have with our new site, and how much time we save now because of our visitors' ability to book online, and we're blown away by how intricate the functionality is. Our website is on a completely different level than our competitors.” 

Read more of Leigh's thoughts on our Yelp review page.

60.2% more per sale in just 6 months

Brandon Beatty, CEO of national online retailer Bluebird Botanicals, commissioned Followbright after an exhaustive search of website designers in Denver.

His company's website design and development project entailed migrating the content of an old ecommerce website into a new platform that allowed for standard online purchases as well as ones that required more complexity. Brandon, along with Bluebird Head of Marketing and Design, Mike Harinen, were ecstatic upon realizing the new site we planned and developed for them achieved an incredible 60.2% increase per sale within just 6 months after launch.

We noticed an immediate and significant increase in user engagement and conversions,” said Mike. “Being an online retailer, that meant more bread and butter. Since that time, we have continued to partner with them on a number of projects to push forward our online presence and strengthen our image.”  

Mike's full testimonial that he left on the Followbright Yelp profile* shares:

It was about half a year ago that we commissioned Followbright to migrate the content of our old website into a new, custom-crafted website of their design. It was a huge success. We noticed an immediate and significant increase in user engagement and conversions. Being an online retailer, that meant more bread and butter.

Since that time, we have continued to partner with them on a number of projects to push forward our online presence and strengthen our image.

We also subscribe to Followbright's top-tier service program. Whether it's fixing any glitches that pop up from WordPress updates or looking into extensions for increased functionality, the team are ALWAYS quick to respond. This is a service that's worth every penny.

I cannot recommend working with Erin and her team highly enough!

-Mike Harinen
Head of Marketing and Design
Bluebird Botanicals

And just one more...

Followbright client Jonathan Smith shared the following about his experience working with our Denver website designers:

I hired Followbright for digital marketing/consulting while managing a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for a luxury real estate development company in the Caribbean.

We'd previously worked with an internationally-recognized advertising agency with a client portfolio listing the who's who of real estate development. On paper, very impressive, but they delivered nothing but frustrations and excuses. We began transitioning work to Followbright because we knew that A) they gave us true value for our money and B) they delivered quality product instead of excuses and delays.

Followbright builds the website that is best for your business while also designing a strategy to maximize your website's potential. We needed 50 high net-worth buyers. We didn't care about driving tons of web traffic that would lead to spending costly resources and time presenting to unqualified buyers. Our previous agency wanted to run the same campaign as developments with 1500 single family lots. We had a totally different buyer. Followbright listened to our methods and was nimble enough to build a strategy based on our specific buyer profile rather than the cookie-cutter leads that were apparent, low-hanging fruit.

We look forward to using Followbright's expertise for future projects.

- Jonathan Smith
Residences Beach Bay

But that's just what 3 clients said. That's not enough.

And we mean it.

To learn what it might be like for you to work with our Denver website designers, we encourage you to set aside a few minutes and scroll through our What Clients Say page, which contains featured testimonials and stories about what it was like to work with us.

If the number of client reviews on that page isn't enough for you, then we highly encourage you to continue on and read through our extended list. (Warning: you'll want to pull up a chair if you go this route.  There are a LOT of client stories on this page...) 

Want to see reviews not on our website, but instead collected by a trusted outside source? Take a gander through the 5-star reviews left for us on our Google+ page.

* Please note: Because Michael has only left 1 Yelp review total, his review was placed in Yelp's "Not recommended reviews" section you must click on to read.