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Free Website Health Checklist + Fix-It Guide

Give your company's website a health checkup using our FREE problem-finding checklist and bonus companion Fix-It Guide.

Right this second, it's very likely parts of your website are broken, frustrating visitors, and preventing the generation of new leads and sales. A large percentage of companies have websites with broken pieces or components they're never aware of.

A checklist for the layperson

This checklist was developed specifically for non-web experts and website owners with little to no knowledge about website strategies or management.

Together, the checklist and companion Fix-It Guide will help you easily pinpoint major problem areas (including ones your webmaster may not be aware of) in your own site in a minimal amount of time.

Why you NEED to use this checklist

Answer honestly. Do you know if...

  • contrast is preventing your visitors from reading your content?
  • you've arranged your site's text in a manner that matches how people read on the web?
  • your site's speed is frustrating your potential customers (or lowering your Google rankings)?

The time and money you've invested in your site will go to waste if major components of your site are broken or not working the way in which they're supposed to be working.

*BONUS* Fix-It Guide

While the checklist will alert you to major issues, the 19 page bonus Tips & Fixes Guide will help you fix these issues by providing:

  • clear explanations,
  • visuals,
  • real life examples, and
  • online tool suggestions. 

Don't wait any longer.

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