Website project three-tiered guarantee


  1. Lifetime Technical Guarantee
    If your website ever experiences a problem due to our code or an oversight on our end, we'll fix the problem promptly and free of charge—no questions asked. // This guarantee does not apply if our code has been altered by an outside source, if the issue was caused by 3rd party software, or if the issue is related to incompatibility with a software upgrade.
  2. Turnaround Time Guarantee
    If your work is not completed by your deadline, you receive the work free of charge.  // This guarantee does not apply if timing issues are caused by elements outside of our control, such as delays in receiving vendor materials, delayed client communications, or the provision of incorrect/incomplete instructions.
  3. Your Satisfaction Guarantee
    We’ve developed a unique method that ensures your satisfaction through every step of your website design/development project. We'll never proceed to the next phase in your website's project until we've received your signed Satisfaction Signoff for the previous phase. This process guarantees your satisfaction at every step, and therefore ultimately with your project as a whole.