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Jobs: Part-Time (To Start) Project Manager

Followbright Job Opening:
Part-Time (To Start) Project Manager

Our Project Manager will be the glue that holds projects, processes, and people here at Followbright together.

How you're hardwired...
You're someone who is literally wired (and doesn't need to be taught) to...

  • not let things fall through the cracks*
  • be highly responsive, and always followup
  • drive for focus and closure
  • be the person everyone can depend on to check things out
  • provide highly dependable methods for monitoring a variety of activities
  • create and think in sequential plans and systems
  • coordinate multiple peoples' needs
  • identify next best steps
  • create order, simplicity, and organization out of complexity

* We really, really, really mean this. You're like an all-star, true natural at not letting things fall throug the cracks.  Someone forgot to email you back like they said they would on Tuesday afternooon? You have a system that lets you know this and you're naturally following up with them first thing Wednesday to see what's going on. You sent an email with 4 questions in it but received a reply with only 3 answers? You catch that instantly—you can't help it. Doing things like this is just natural for you. Of COURSE that's how you work... you couldn't imagine being wired any other way. 

Important characteristics for this position
In addition to the above, the following characteristics will play vital roles in your success in this position

  • Experienced working with digital/web agencies: You can help us design, streamline, and improve our processes and internal workflows specific to helping clients develop better websites and web applications. Our last PM did not have experience and the lack of understanding about how websites are built was a significant weakness that negatively impacted the team.
  • Customer-service attitude: You can focus on making sure customers’ needs are not only met, but that their expectations are exceeded so they become raving fans.
  • High emotional intelligence quotient (EQ): You're able to understand, empathize, and respond effectively to clients and team members, and able to track and tell when client/team member may not be happy or clear.
  • You have tons of initiative and love to improve
  • Teachability
  • Independent thinker: You can come up with creative win/win solutions to the challenges that arise during projects.
  • Big-picture focused: Despite your attention to detail, you have the cognitive ability to prevent getting bogged down in analysis paralysis: You don't get SO bogged down in the details that you lose sight of the big picture.  You're always asking ‘What’s the goal here, and is what we're doing going to achieve it?”

Why focus on the big picture here is so important
Even when planned, projects rarely go EXACTLY as planned. Helping a client reach their goals while loving our work is our purpose here: NOT following rules/details/plans to the letter.  If we need to pivot or accommodate or be creative to help the client reach their goals while having a good experience while also staying within budget/being profitable—then we do that.  Rules are guidelines, not barbed wire fence barriers we must avoid at all costs.  This type of mindset can be helpful to guide the client, too—some clients can’t see the forest through the trees. 

Hours per week, compensation, and employment status
Initially, this role will begin as part time and hourly (20-25 hrs/week), with the opportunity of growing to a full-time position here at the company.  As a true independent contractor, you will of course have other clients. Compensation is hourly.

Your location
While this job is remote and you can work in your PJs, and while hours are VERY flexible here, we need someone who's in North America to has availability to support our team during Mountain Time business hours. This role will not work for someone who can only work while we're sleeping here in Colorado.


  • Work from home or anywhere you want
  • VERY flexible hours
  • Initial round of systems and processes have already been implemented for you -- they're here for you to streamline and improve!
  • Let us know what else is important to you. If you're a great fit, we might be able to make things even more awesome for you here!

You will own a variety of zones here at Followbright, starting with the project management process, project clarity, client communications, and customer satisfaction.  We're a small, virtual company, so you'll have great freedom and responsibility coordinating a small group of highly independent, long-term team members and clients—and ultimately ensuring the success of our projects—from afar.

You'll work closely with founder Erin Pheil and the rest of our team to develop and improve clear, replicable, and reliable processes, sweep up loose ends or balls that may be dropped by clients or team members, ensure clients are always in a "We want to give you 5 stars right now!" frame of mind, and ensure project clarity so everyone knows what's coming up and when they'll be involved. When snafus happen, you'll use our guiding principles and standards to smooth things out and restore harmony and momentum to projects.

Outside of client projects you'll also own a variety of responsibilities that keep Followbright moving forward, including setting up client interviews and training, coordinating surprise "treats" to be sent to clients, ensuring billing visibility, and conducting a fair amount of research into potential technology solutions that would improve our internal workflow and processes.

You'll be working regularly in email and Slack, Basecamp, and Google docs.  EXCEPTIONAL written and verbal English communication skills are an absolute must. (Our clients are primarily in North America.) 

We can't wait to meet you!
Your work here to improve internal processes and to take our initial starting SOPs, principles and guidelines, and Standards documents from starting points to refined working documents will improve internal clarity and reduce confusion on future projects.  We can't wait to have you aboard; everyone is excited to meet you and help you succeed here.

Your Second Interview questions

If the above sounds like you, we can't wait to hear from you.

Send your details to [email protected]. But first, you'll need to complete the First Interview Questions on our main Hiring page before continuing with these.  And as a reminder...  1) Do NOT send your resume, and 2) Do NOT send a novel. CONCISE replies are valued.  (“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —attributed to Albert Einstein)

  1. Which is better? (A) a project that runs on time, on budget, and meets its scope objectives, or (B) a project that runs late, is over budget, but overachieves on cost savings that have a ‘change for life’ impact? Why? Share an example explaining your thoughts.
  2. Imagine that a client received 1 round of design revisions in their scope of work, but then comes back and asks “We have just 3 or 4 more change requests, can we just send them to you real quick?” What would you do, and why?
  3. Do you consider yourself a leader? Why or why not?
  4. Imagine you were reviewing our process documents and found this ( to be our initial client welcome letter for our our website planning/consulting projects. (To us, this email is a mess and not acceptable.)  Please rework this simple letter so it's more appropriate. (All you need to know is that our Blueprint consulting projects are where the planning and strategy happens and our Blueprint development projects are when a plan gets turned into a website. We know you don't know the rest of the details about how we work yet, so please feel free to make up the process.  What we're concerned about here his how well you communicate.)
  5. Here are 2 phases from our project process (  Imagine a brand new client asked you in an email "What happens in these 2 phases?"  How would you summarize an answer for the client in an email reply?
  6. What are your hourly compensation (a) survival needs, (b) starting target for this position, and (c) realistic goal within 1 year?  (You  must provide numbers, but we ask for these ranges to make it easier. Applications that do not answer the 3 parts of this question will be discarded as incomplete.)

We value your time.

Here's what you need to keep in mind regarding a response from us:

  • If you meet this job description's requirements and provide us with all the information we're requesting here, you'll absolutely receive a response from us.
  • If you don't provide us with the information we've requested here or don't follow the instructions provided, you may not receive a reply. 
  • If we know after your submission of information that you wouldn't be a good fit, please know that we will be very direct and let you know immediately.

Let's do this.

We can't wait to hear from you. Send your details to [email protected].