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Jobs - Web Hosting Support Specialist

Please note: This position has been filled and we are no longer taking or responding to applications.

You're a whiz when it comes to all things web-hosting. You transfer websites across different hosts, dream about databases, work with WordPress, and help troubleshoot IMAP email issues.  

We're on the hunt for a new team member who...

  • knows IMAP, POP3 and FTP like the back of their hand
  • is highly experienced with WordPress.  (For example: transferring WP sites, updating file paths related to hosting switches, or handling situations such as if a WP contact form stops working, you should be able to go in, troubleshoot the problem, and fix it—and have enough experience with WP that you can do this quickly and efficiently.)
  • can learn about individual clients' needs and help them set everything up the way that is best for them (example: I have an iPhone, iPad, and PC with Outlook 2013 and things aren't syncing right, can you help me?)
  • will provide prompt, ongoing support to clients on an as-needed basis.  
  • will provide *very courteous and patient* support to our customers via email AND phone if needed
  • will feel totally confident and happy to patiently help clients troubleshoot email issues
  • will feel comfortable if a client needs help setting up a new database in the Rackspace control panel and/or dump content from an existing database
  • is an expert with PHP + database (mysql) administration
  • BIG TIME BROWNIE POINTS: You've worked with Rackspace Cloud Sites before or are uber-confident you could learn the service quickly in and out.

Above all else we require this team member be HIGHLY responsive and responsible.

This means you read instructions thoroughly and care about the details. If we email you questions, you reply with answers to each of those questions, not just a few of them. It also means you respond to emails within one business day, if not sooner. And lastly, it means that when you email us about this job, you include the word "Elephant" in your Subject Line so we can be confident you read instructions carefully.


Hourly. TBD based on your skills and experience. Opportunity for generous pay increases if you excel at your work.

Would you be a good match?

Great! We're interested in seeing your work, learning what you can do, and finding out who you are. Please send your details to [email protected].