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Jobs - Inbound Copywriter


Followbright Job Opening:
Inbound Marketing Copywriter

You're an expert when it comes to online marketing and you know the inbound marketing methodology like the back of your hand. Excellent. We're already excited to hear from you.

This describes you perfectly:

  • You excel at breaking down complicated topics into simple, easy to understand explanations.
  • You are experienced in the world of marketing and have a solid understanding of the psychology that influences people to take action.
  • You write powerful headlines.
  • You can synthesize a variety of instructions, data, and preferences...and turn it into a beautiful piece of work.
  • You understand that writing and formatting content for the web differs from writing and formatting for print.

You get serious brownie points if...

  • You read the Hubspot blog.
  • When you contact us, you provide us with an explanation as to how inbound marketing differs from online marketing.


TBD based on your skills and experience. We're looking for talent, knowledge, and skill. If you've got these things, we'll make sure that working with us is worth your while.

Think you'd be a good match?

Great! We're interested in seeing your work, learning what you can do, and finding out who you are. That's why we're looking for:

  1. Links to your best/most relevant work. Please do not just send us a link to your entire portfolio. We are primarily interested in online marketing-related materials that give us a sense of how you write. If possible, we'd especially appreciate being pointed toward specific pieces that are more than just a couple hundred words.
  2. Your areas of expertise.
  3. Areas in which you're not that strong.
  4. The types of projects you enjoy working on most.
  5. Your preferred hourly rate/an explanation of how you bill.

We value your time.

If you meet this job description's requirements and provide us with all the information we're requesting here, you'll absolutely receive a response from us.

What are you waiting for?

We can't wait to hear from you. Send your details to [email protected]