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Jobs - Create Your Own Job at Followbright

Do you see something we should be doing here that we aren't? Create your own job opening by answering the questions below, share your insights and feelings, and let’s talk.

Your Second Interview Questions

To apply, send your answers to the questions below to [email protected].

You need to complete the First Interview Questions before continuing with these. And as a reminder: do not send your resume yet. Your answers will tell us who you are and what you can become. And, do not send a novel. (“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —attributed to Albert Einstein)

  1. Write your own job description for this role and share it with us. (Feel free to pattern your reply after descriptions you see for other positions at Followbright.)
  2. Write your own Second Interview questions for the position. Then answer them. Pattern these after the questions you see for other positions listed here.

That’s it! Really.
We look forward to discussing your vision.