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Jobs - Freelance Web Designer

Followbright Job Opening:
Freelance Web Designer

This oepning may be for you if you create gorgeous web designs, are highly knowledgeable about website conversions, create beautiful moodboards and wireframes, and are interested in working on an as-needed contract basis in exchange for great compensation. And yes indeed, you'll be working remotely; your location doesn't matter.

This describes you perfectly:

  • You're a web designer, not a general designer who specializes in print and identity who happens to dabble in web design as well.
  • You're familiar with usability and can explain conversion best practices in your sleep (and point to them in your designs.)
  • Though all your designs are beautiful, your focus is more on functional, conversion-oriented designs (vs.the beyond-creative, ultra cutting-edge and never-before-seen types of designs)
  • You have a portfolio of at least 5 beautiful website designs you can show us
  • You focus more on ensuring your designs help solve problems and achieve specific instead of just looking cool—and you can explain this when presenting your designs, not just say your designs do this)
  • You create wireframes to lay out page components and content
  • You create moodboards to help clients understand the look and feel of their site before you begin designing any web pages.

You get serious brownie points if...

  • You've familiar with and abide by the principles of Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think
  • You're tend to ask lots of questions and look to understand before you take action
  • You follow/study conversion-focused blogs or experts


Per project, with an exact scope of work to be clearly defined prior to project beginning. [Hourly work may be considered]

Second Interview Questions

Think you might be a great fit?
Great! Please send along answers to your second interview questions below (to [email protected]) so we can learn more about you:

  1. Links to at least 5 website designs you're most proud of (and tell us why you're proud of them).  We know developers can screw up your beautiful designs, so comps are just as acceptible as live sites. We do need to see full comps/complete pages though. Pointing us to your Dribbble account won't suffice.
  2. Links to at least 2 moodboards and 2 wireframes you've created.
  3. An explanation of your design exploration process with clients. (How do you figure out what you'll design for a client?)
  4. An explanation of the types of designs/styles you don't enjoy working on. Examples are welcome.
  5. An explanation regarding how you typically work with copy AND how you would prefer to work with copy, if you could wave a magic wand.
  6. Do you have experience helping businesses create sitemaps for their sites?
  7. Pricing, part A: How much does a typical homepage + internal page design-only project run (assume you conducted design exploration and created associated wireframes and a moodboard as well)?
  8. Pricing part B: Do you have an hourly rate?

We value your time.

Here's what you need to keep in mind regarding a response from us:

  • If you meet this job description's requirements and provide us with all the information we're requesting here, you'll absolutely receive a response from us.
  • If you don't provide us with the information we've requested here or don't follow the instructions provided, you may not receive a reply. 
  • If we know after your submission of information that you wouldn't be a good fit, please know that we will be very direct and let you know immediately.

Let's do this.

We can't wait to hear from you. Send your details to [email protected].