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We’re Hiring

Our boutique Colorado web consulting, development, and strategy agency opened its doors in 2002. Since then we've helped businesses of all sizes (from solo entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies) achieve their unique visions of online success.

We'd love to hear from you if you've spent time reviewing our site (especially our About section and Portfolio) and feel you'd be an excellent fit with our team.

We're Virtual. (You'll be a telecommuter. PJs are ok with us.)

We are a 100% virtual organization to accommodate our workers, clients, and partners around the world. That includes core team members. Telecommuting (and highly-dedicated contractors who see us as their most important responsibility) are important to our work approach because they allow us to vet, hire, and develop the best talent potential around the world.

We're Continual Learners

We continually learn from each other, our clients, and our mistakes (because we're all human, so we all make them). The group is always smarter than the individual. We listen, we value different viewpoints, then we synthesize and move forward rapidly.

Before You Start: Universal Prerequisites

These are bare minimum prerequisites for applying. (Caution: These are only a starting point—they do not describe everything we specifically look for in your interviews.)

  • You are equally comfortable working alone and in a small team of 2 - 4.
  • You have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. 
  • You're responsive and responsible.  This means if a team member emails you questions, you reply promptly (within 1 business day at the very latest) with answers to each of those questions, not to just a few of them. This means you read instructions thoroughly and care about details. This means we'll be able to trust and rely on you to do what you say you'll do.
  • Leaving people hanging leaves you uncomfortable.  You let people know when you'll get back to them, you set expectations, you deliver things when you say you will, keep your word, and give people heads up if plans change.  
  • You're accessible.  It's not hard to get a hold of you, whether by Skype, text, or email.  We have clear timing and communication boundaries here, but if you're only available to communicate with clients and team members from 2 - 4pm every three days, you likely won't be a great fit. 

Equal Opportunity

We do not discriminate on the basis of anything other than your potential and demonstrated ability to perform the work, where and when required, at the highest levels of professionalism, quality, integrity, and productivity and the standards of our organization.

Your First Two Interviews

Your first interview starts below, as soon as you're ready. Your second interview immediately follows. 

Do NOT send your resume. Your answers will tell us who you are and what you can become.

Do NOT send a novel. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” —Attributed to Albert Einstein

First Interview Questions

Send your answers to the following questions to [email protected]

  1. *Briefly* introduce yourself to the team in writing, covering what you think is most important for us to know when considering your application.
  2. Are you on social media? Where? (Links, please, if any.) (Social media presence is not a requirement for every role here, but it is a good indicator of social and tech skills.)
  3. You must submit your Kolbe A assessment results to us to apply.  This assessment ensures that we do not hire you for a job you initially think sounds like a good fit for you, but would ultimately cause you stress because we'd expect you to work in a way that makes you feel like you're going against your grain.  This assessment is $49.95 and the information you receive from it is invaluable in understanding your instincts better and explaining your strengths to potential employers.

Your Second Interview: Open Positions

Your second interview immediately follows the first. Click the appropriate link(s) in the sidebar to the open position you're interested in and answer the quesitons on that page, again sending your answers to [email protected].

We must receive the answers to both interviews for you to be considered.