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What Clients Say

Brandt Thompson, InterthinxYou're Invaluable to Us

We've been blown away by the incredible value you deliver, and how your work has translated into increased page view times, lead generations, and dramatic decreases in bounce rate and required support.

This is exactly why we rely on—and will continue to rely on—your team for your extensive ExpressionEngine expertise, your exceptional reliability, and your crystal clear communications and organization.

Your team consistently goes above and beyond our expectations, and everything we've worked on with you has been a complete success.  You're absolutely invaluable to our national organization, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as strategic partners in the years to come.

Brandt Thompson, VP of Product Design
First American Financial Corporation (Fortune 500)

Brandon Beatty, President, Bluebird BotanicalsBlown Away By Your Thoroughness

I’ve had some questionable experiences with other web agencies in the past, but Followbright has hands down been the best web company we’ve worked with, providing us with peace of mind and incredible service.

The blueprint Followbright developed for our company’s new website and SEO plan was incredibly descriptive, comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand. I was actually blown away by their thoroughness, which eased a lot of the stress involved with creating our new Ecommerce site.

Thank you Erin, Josh, Rob, Forrest, Ann, and everyone else at Followbright who have made this experience not only valuable, but highly enjoyable too. All of you are an ongoing source of inspiration to us.

Brandon Beatty
President, Bluebird Botanicals

B. CarruthersYou Are the Holy Grail of Web Agencies

The Followbright team is absolutely fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them no matter what type of project you have.

To find a team of individuals that are responsive, fun to work with, creative, pragmatic, mindful of a client's budget and schedule, and extremely knowledgeable in PHP, SQL, Linux and Apache based web development, strategy, design, marketing and functionality is extremely rare.

If you've found the Followbright team, you can be done searching because you've found the holy grail of consultants. You won't find a better group with which to work.

Bryan Carruthers, Founder

Kent SharpU.S. Dept of Energy Project

Our engineering firm was under contract with the U.S. Department of Energy for a large environmental impact statement process—the Northern Pass Transmission Project. There were almost 10,000 individuals working on this project. 

Followbright helped us build our website from scratch that would allow us to comply with requirements. The new site has improved functionality and is user-friendly and easy for us to maintain. The public commenting portal they built has been efficient for the client and saved a great deal of time. Followbright has also helped us completely automate other time-consuming processes. There were no hiccups prior to launch.

In my company's line of work, a constant frustration point is that our competitors provide disingenuous proposals to clients. Many consultants will intentionally ignore requirements missed by the client, in order to modify their contract subsequently. We don't do this, and neither does Followbright. If we require a website to have a list of features, 100 percent of them will be realized. They take the time to figure out what the job is, what it will take, and deliver the whole program.

We also appreciate Followbright's business approach. It's very matter of fact and down to Earth and we find them to be refreshing from a business standpoint. We appreciate their efficiency, and any company could benefit from it. They have even proven to be an inspiration for our own operations.

Kent Sharp
Principal, SE Group

Wendy StevensWord-Class Expertise

I've been an online marketer since 2004 and I've worked with a lot of programmers over the years. If you're looking for someone who has world-class expertise, a technical team to match anyone in the business, and a creative team to be able to take a white-glove approach and take your online project—whether it's a website or a fully-automated online campaign—if you’re looking for someone who’s going to show up on time, under-promise and over-deliver, it is Followbright.

Wendy Stevens, Master Coach
World Renowned International Speaker

C. FuhsYour Entire Team Is Exceptional

You nailed it: you delivered on time and on budget and did so with grace and flexibility. You shined when it came to ease of the process and how you adapted when things don't go as planned. Your communication, understanding, and excitement make you stand out above other web firms.

Your entire team was exceptional. Planning was intelligent and dynamic. Communication was clear and engaged. The overall strategy employed and work produced resulted in 95% approval by all of the decision makers involved on our team. This was a function of well-executed visioning and implementation.

For a project like this, three "metrics" stand out: time, cost, and fun. Expectations about each of these were met or exceeded by the Followbright team. And that's the sign of a successful project. We have recommended you to others and will continue to do so!

Clint Fuhs
Lead Consultant, Integral Society

T. FinkelsteynYou Make Things Easy For Us

You truly are one of the best vendors (and now partners) we have ever worked with in the 14 year history of our telecommunications consultancy, and we thoroughly enjoyed working with you.

You do five star work, you're ultra-responsive, and you make things easy for us. That is invaluable.

We look forward to working with you on many more projects in the years ahead.


Tatiana Finkelsteyn
Founder, IQ Wired

Dr. WorthWe Are So Lucky To Have Found You

You are not a typical website design company! You are UNBELIEVABLY creative and straightforward, organized, and respond immediately to questions and communications.

We appreciate the fact you don't just take the info we give you and do whatever we suggest; you actually look critically at it as a potential consumer's point of view and come up with your own ideas to make it better and more accessible. We are just lucky to have found you, to have been able to meet you, and to get to know you. 

It is obvious that you are brilliant—we are not just flattering you, it is obvious.

Dr. Heidi Worth
Colorado medical aesthetics practice

Dave WaiteKeen Insights, Excellent Consultants

Over the years we've come to greatly appreciate Followbright's keen insights on strategy and advice on business in general. Not only are they smart and intuitive, but they really care about the health of your business AND you as a person.

If you're a business owner looking to run your website and your business better, Followbright will prove to be excellent consultants and strategists. Highly recommended.

Dave Waite, CEO
Zookeeper Agency of CA

S. SherickWe've Experienced Excellent ROI

Our organization pairs medical staff with small and rural hospitals in the Intermountain West. We needed a new, effective website that would show our potential clients what we do, how we do it, and why we’re better than the competition.

We invested substantially in Followbright, and our investment paid off. Our company has seen considerable growth since our site launched: 150% growth in the last two years. And we’ve gone from being a $2 million company to a $5+ million company. We definitely attribute some of that growth to our website and Followbright. 

We like that when we call Followbright, we can talk to someone who can actually get something done. It’s the kind of accountability and professionalism you don’t often find in the technology space. And if something comes up later, you can feel confident Followbright will take care of it. This approach to client relationship building really makes a difference. 

We will recommend them without hesitation to anyone in need of website consulting or guidance, design, or development services.

Dr. Stephen Sherick, CEO
Innova Emergency Medical Associates

V.S. photoOur President Teared Up When Reviewing Your Work

We wish working with all vendors and consultants was as efficient and as enjoyable as working with Followbright! In fact, we're brainstorming how we can work together with you from now on all the time.

What an absolute relief that our website's messaging and content is in your hands and not in our own now! Our President had VERY high expectations and has been trying to find the right direction for years—and she was so incredibly happy with the caliber of work you delivered and how expertly you captured our voice and message—she even teared up when reviewing what you created!

Truly, we're so thrilled and excited to see all the pieces falling together exactly as they were supposed to, as we'd hoped for, and as you explained they would. THANK YOU.

Virginia Shank, Director of Operations
Inleit Properties of Denver

Kelley StevensOne Of The Best Business Decisions We've Ever Made

Our new website has had such a huge impact on our business. Choosing you to create our company website was one of the best business decisions we've ever made.

Our site has been such a great investment, and it helped keep us afloat when the economy went downhill. In fact, we've connected with some of our best clients and landed one of our highest dollar jobs entirely because of our website. We did the numbers for last year, and our website accounted for on quarter of our total sales. These were all NEW customers who found us on the web and booked work with us because of our website.

On top of it all, we've so enjoyed working with you—you're professional, creative and positive people. We felt very well taken care of at all times when working with you. We will continue to recommend your website design and development company to everyone.

Kelley Stevens, President
Colorado Custom Wood Floors

Chad B.CEO: You Literally Saved Our Company

We spent more time choosing a web designer this time around than ever before. We got screwed by another designer during our first attempt at a responsive-design upgrade. The new site that company launched cost us over $60,000, including lost revenue. We were determined not to let that happen again, so we approached the hiring of a web design agency with much more careful planning. We met with nearly 10 designers and the process took over two months. Even though Followbright was more expensive, we ended up going with them—and we're incredibly happy we did.

The website rework Followbright project planned and completed for us could not have gone any better. We chalk that up to their experience and how they work together as a team. Other design agencies we've worked with often forget small details which can cost us money. Followbright's process-oriented way of doing business made our project go off on time and without any issues.

Furthermore, they're more than a web design company, they're a strategic business partner. They've made great suggestions to business problems we've mentioned, including one that will help us hire and retain better quality employees. They take a systematic approach to their business and we can feel the years of experience when we speak with them.

Followbright: You guys literally saved our company, and I can sleep well for the first time in months. Thank you.

Chad Bronstein, CEO
Time To Hire

Tracey RodgersOur Organization Couldn't Be More Pleased

Our national sleep lab organization couldn't be more pleased with the new website you planned, designed, and executed for us.

Your team of experts were fantastic to work with. They easily identified the look and feel we wanted and guided us through the creation of the content of the site. The resulting website is extremely user-friendly, and the best part is that we can easily maintain it in-house, just as we'd requested.

You truly are exceptional at what you do—and were a patient and expert partner in creating the perfect website for us.

Tracey Rodgers, General Manager
American Sleep Medicine

Melanie ShellitoYou Helped Us Deliver a Miracle

Because we operate as a micro graphic design agency, we partner with companies that cover areas we can't—specifically digital design and development. But we were struggling to identify a partner that was reliable, responsible, and consistent.

We hired Followbright, and they came in as superheroes and saved a website project. It had gotten to the point where we weren't really sure how to even complete the project. But we were able to deliver the unimaginable. In a short turnaround time, the site was ready to roll and absolutely gorgeous. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you our client thought the entire thing was some kind of miracle.

I have to say, hands down, Followbright's accountability in regards to project timelines stands out from other vendors. They take complete ownership of their work. There are no excuses. They don't make promises they can't keep, which is refreshing. I was impressed with the whole experience, and Followbright is now our de facto technology partner.

Melanie Shellito, Creative Director
Artezen Design

C. Hall photoMore Sales, Renewed Customer Loyalty

For our website, we interviewed 10 different companies (half in Colorado, half national companies). We chose you for the job because you respectfully listened to our ideas and then built an extremely smart and strategic plan around them, with a few creative features added in.

You didn't try to sell us more than we needed, and didn't just put together a simple plan to match our needs and move on. Your team first devised a quick fix plan for our old site so we could continue operating, then went to work on the new site. Your attention to detail was contagious.

We are flooded with compliments and enthusiasm regarding our new site. It's creating a buzz that is carrying over into added sales and rejuvenated customer loyalty.

Our only regret?  That we did not find you sooner.

Chris Hall, (Former) Manager
Cutthroat Anglers—Colorado's Premier Fly Fishing Store & Guide Service

KB photoOur Site Brings New Clients Every Single Month

Our business is now averaging 12 - 20 new clients, per month, solely from our new website, and we continue to get positive feedback our site's appearance as well as how easy it is to use from our clients.

We love Followbright and our business would definitely not be as successful as it is without their help and guidance.  If you want to take your business to the next level, look no further than Followbright.

K. Blanco, Owner
Colorado Beauty Consulting

L. Bracciante photoValuable Insight & Focused Approach

We initially engaged Followbright in a website design audit as we planned to transition to a new look and feel for our site. Their team's insights proved extremely valuable, addressing both our big-picture messaging and communications as well as details like pixel-perfect consistency.

Then, based on the great success we experienced during the first engagement, we engaged them in a complete website revamp along with the design of 2 additional sites—each time they've been the obvious choice considering the credibility they've incurred each time we work with them. 

Their strategic feedback resulted in significant changes we've made, and their plan to help us execute our long-term vision, as well as the final designs they've delivered have thrilled us. We so appreciate the objective, focused, responsive approach they provided—it was just what we needed!

Lara Bracciante, Director of Information Services
Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Ziegler photoRevenue Is Up In Just 2.5 Months! 

We are so pleased with the progress our company, TENSproducts, Inc., has made in just the first 2 ½ months we've began working with Followbright. We have seen more phone calls and more online traffic, as well as increased wholesale and retail customer registration on our website. Our advertising clicks are up, and best of all, our revenue is up as well. We've been impressed with the discoveries they've made through the analysis of our analytics and past marketing data. The implementation of a custom strategic marketing plan has been smooth and has worked well with our entire team.

We recommend Followbright to any company searching for excellent data analysis and online marketing recommendations for better exposure, and in turn, more sales. Thank you for all of your hard work, we continue to look forward to what the future will bring. Keep making us famous!

Chris and Linda Ziegler, Co-Owners
TENSProducts, Inc. (Pain relief and rehabilitation online store)

Tami Haislip photoOur Online Leads Are Back Up

As soon as you finished your website work for us, we immediately saw results. So many site flaws were corrected, our site began to index properly with search engines, and (the best part) is that customer inquiries and leads directly from our site quickly increased.

We will absolutely recommend Followbright! Not every company takes the time to really get to know their clients and build meaningful relationships. Everyone I've worked with at Followbright does this AND delivers what they said they would, every single time.

On top of it all, your customer service and follow-through were impeccable, making the experience of working with your team an absolute pleasure. You were able to complete each task efficiently and on time.

You were worth every penny we invested with you, we love working with you all, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Tami Haislip, Finance Manager
Colographic, Inc. of Colorado

Brent HinesYou're A Partner To Us, Not Just Interested In Making a Sell

We've had very poor experiences with web agencies in the past. But Followbright is on the other end of the spectrum. We brought them in to salvage a botched website rebuild for our primary financial services site.

What we really appreciated about Followbright was that they didn't come in immediately offering solutions or products. They didn't necessarily assume that they had the solution or were the solution. They really offered us strategic insights and best practices around our branding and marketing, site design and functionality, and content strategy. 

It may sound cliché, but Followbright really does *partner* with their clients. They actually care about their clients’ business. And they’re very good listeners—they're more focused on asking questions than providing answers. We will continue to work with them for our future needs and will not hesitate in recommending them to others.

Brent Hines, CEO
President of the Foundation for Financial Wellness

Smith photoYour Consulting Gives Us True Value For Our Money

We hired Followbright for web consulting while managing a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for a luxury real estate development company in the Cayman Islands.

We'd previously worked with an internationally-recognized advertising agency with a client portfolio listing the who's who of real estate development. On paper, very impressive, but we had nothing but frustrations with them and began transitioning work to Followbright because we know that A) they give us true value for our money and B) they deliver quality product instead of excuses and delays

Jonathan Smith, VP of Marketing
Residences Beach Bay, Cayman Islands

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