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Client Testimonials (Extended List)

The following extended list of client testimonials is organized by industry. To see more, visit our main What Clients Say page.


AMA logoOn a Scale Of 1 - 10, You're a 10+

You always take care of us, and you make our lives SO much easier, which we really appreciate.  On a scale of 1 - 10, hands-down you are absolutely a 10+.  

When we make requests, we often don't know what we're talking about or what we're specifically asking for, but you don't make us feel dumb, and you always make sure we get what we NEED, because that's not always necessarily what we ask for.  You've asked us in the past how you think you could do better or where you can improve, but we can't come up with anything or any area where we think you could do better. Furthermore, we LOVE that you make us feel like we're your only client! Thank you for all of your help, we appreciate everything you do for us.

H. Dean, Manager, AMA Construction

client photoYou're A Joy To Work With

You all are a breath of fresh air. It's so nice to work and correspond with true professionals—I've enjoyed this whole process. You've been patient and understanding, and you're a joy to work with and I appreciate all of helpful insights, guidance, and motivation. This is the best investment we've ever made in our company.

In addition to you all being amazing to work with, the site itself is so amazing, too. Your team went WAY beyond what we had anticipated.  It's everything we'd hoped for and more. We got more than what we paid for; the value you provide is phenomenal. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE to make the site a reality. It's beautiful and amazing and we're proud to tell people you made it.  Everything about it projects quality and that's what we've been looking for for so long.

Business is booming because of our new site. I cannot recommend Followbright enough. If you love your business, working with them will be one of the best things you can do for it.

A. Johnson, Owner, Colorado handcrafted garage doors

client photoOur Site Is a Difference Maker During Our Sales Process

We use the website you built for us frequently as one of our primary sales tools. We reference it during phone calls with locals as well as second homeowners. It is absolutely a difference maker during our sales process.

D. Preaus, Owner, custom cabinetry company

client photoI Have Tears Running Down My Face...

Oh wow, it's amazing. I have tears running down my face! It's just perfect. The website is beautiful, and that's putting it mildly. I've gotten NOTHING done it went live. I've been busy responding to emails from everyone on how much they love it and I've probably looked at it 20 times already just to make sure it's real!

Thank you so much for a website we will never stop being proud of.

J. Maes, High-end gardening company owner

client photoOur Website Has Been Such a Great Investment

Our site has been such a great investment, and it helped keep us afloat when the economy was down! In fact, we've connected with some of our best clients and landed some of our highest dollar jobs entirely from our website. We even shipped custom milled flooring to a client out in *Chicago* who contacted us after seeing our website!

P. Stevens, Owner, custom wood flooring company

client photoThank You For Doing an Amazing Job For Us

We're getting rave reviews of our website, thank you so much for doing such an amazing job. We even just talked to another potential customer yesterday who was gushing over the web site right off the bat. The only problem we're having is people call us at all times of the day and at night because they're surfing the net, see our website, get excited and want to call right away when we're not in the office!

J. Kompf, Owner, Custom carpentry company

client photoAttention To Detail

As always, I appreciate the thoroughness and timeliness of your communications. Your attention to details as well as your attention my concerns and questions is great, and your replies are always so clear and helpful.

T. Johnson, Manager, Western Pipeway


Tami Haislip photoImpeccable Service + Follow Through

We were so impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of everyone at your company. You were up front with costs, listened to our concerns and needs, and were able to complete and solve every issue we threw your way.

Your customer service and follow through were impeccable. Your team was able to complete each task on time and efficiently. We feel you were worth every penny we spent with you!

Thank you all for everything you've done for our company. We love working with you all and can't wait to see what the future holds for all of us!

Tami Haislip, Finance Manager
Colographic, Inc. (Commerce City, CO)

client photoNew Work Within One Week of Launch!

Our business has completely gone to the next level, and we give you all the credit!!  On a scale of 1 - 10, you are a 10+ to us, you are so valuable. Plus, you are so personable. It just felt right to work with you.

Within one week of our site's launch a potential New York client contacted us with a question; we emailed them back and suggested they visit our new website. The client called back 10 minutes later, after reviewing our site, with an order!

Within the first week of the new site launched we also received offers to teach workshops in Arizona and Oregon. And also, our new website enabled us to solidify an upcoming private commission.

We've received nothing but positive feedback regarding the new website. Clients tell us it is professional, organized, easy to navigate, and easy to read. "WOW" has been the most-used word description..

T. McCue, Professional rosemaling arts company

estes photoUnbelievably Different Than Other Web Companies

What impresses me about Followbright is that they are never satisfied by taking the easy way out. They always looks for and find the RIGHT way to do things.

And, they always challenge themselves and their clients to achieve more. They approach their business in a goal-focused way, and are never content to settle for less.

As a result, their clients don't have to settle for less either.

To be honest, I can count on one hand the people I've encountered during my 20+ years in the industry who are as smart, dependable, responsive, trustworthy, and successful as Erin Pheil, Followbright's owner.

T. Estes, Oregon design professional

Just Landed a New Client Because Of Our Site

We just wanted you to know we met with another new client this morning that is hiring our redesign services for his 3 houses in Denver and Summit County!

He found us through our trade association -- and when he saw our website he was impressed and sent us an e-mail.

We love how our website looks and works. We've gotten so many positive comments from clients.

Even better, you were so great to work with and gave us e great advice on what would be best for our needs.

N. Ewing, professional design and staging company

paul d. photoPhenomenal Results

Your web agency has produced for me phenomenal results in a very short period of time. The new website is especially easy to navigate and some visitors have actually reached out and shared that it's one of the best they've ever seen.

Paul Danaceau
Stage actor

Voss photoYou Care About Us

Your competitors all SAY they have my company's best interests at heart. I KNOW you do.

Bob Voss, Owner
Design One Interiors


Exactly What We Wanted

Followbright has helped us get exactly what we wanted: pages we can access to complete our own updates, an online retail store which has increased sales each year; a new blog, downloadable PDFs of our menu, catering and employment applications.

We recommend them all the time, and tell others how how our site is used frequently by our customers, how well our site works, and how well it is ranked on Google.

With the (very) occasional problems we have encountered, if it was caused on their end (which is very rare), they fixed the problem immediately and credited us for the error. Followbright makes our website management worry free.

We down to the AT&T store during our new site's beta testing period prior to launch, and checked the site on a variety of their devices.  Wow, did it look FABULOUS and is easy to skim/scan with the eye. We didn't find any issues no matter the operating system, browser, device, or screen resolution.

Whatever we've conceived and dreamed of for our website, they have has made into reality.

B. Richard, Brewery manager

They Helped Put Us On the Map Twelve Years Ago

Followbright built our site twelve years ago and we STILL receive compliments about our site. We know we made the right choice, and are reminded by our clients all the time. They took the time to put our company on the map.

R. Miller, catering company owner

They Follow Through on Every Detail

From beginning to end, Followbright was thorough, honest, professional, efficient, and followed through on every detail. They took time to explain how website design works, asked all the right questions to assist in figuring out what exactly we wanted to achieve with the website, and helped us to think logically through the process.

J. Jones, high-end catering company owner

A Giggle-Inducing Design

*WOW!* The site looks great! The owner was actually giggling when he saw it, he was so happy with it! Thank you SO much.

Sheila S., Colorado wine bar manager


Our Site Has Made a Huge Impact

We got so much more than what we paid for. Based on money, quite honestly, our budget is minuscule when you look at what Followbright did for us. It was worth every single penny.

They have this wonderful personality that made us click personally. They saw the vision we were looking for and were as excited about the project as I was. A lot of the other places I talked to, I was just another job to them and it was not as personal. It was like they had a goal just as much as I had a goal, so it was fantastic working with them.

Our new website is very user-friendly. We're able to go in and make changes within minutes. We were initially scared to death that we would get in there, screw things up, and then we'dd have to call them and have them fix it. But because of how they put it together, it's extremely easy for us to go in and make those changes. What the site looks like now is absolutely nothing like what the other site looked like before. We handed her our baby and said, “Please take care of it and fix this for us,” and they did. It’s amazing. It was so far above our expectations.

It's all made a huge impact. We have had great feedback on how the website is user-friendly, more visually appealing, and mobile friendly. We have had great phone calls from people. People have come in saying, “We saw your new website and it’s fantastic.” It’s amazing because our community was used to the old website. I’m excited to see where we are in six months and by the end of the year with the data that we will be receiving.

Kristine Rodine, Marketing Manager
Morgan County Tourism

penny photoWe Could Not Be Happier.

In the years we've been working with Followbright, we could not be happier with their knowledge, dedication, and ability to listen to our wants and anticipate our future needs—as well as our final products.

Michael Penny, Town Manager
Town of Frisco, Colorado

client photoWonderful to Work With + Excellent Results

Most political operatives with whom I spoke said my campaign site, that Followbright designed and built, was the best in the state of Colorado at any level, from local to national.

The Followbright team has done for me exactly what anyone would want from a professional firm: They responded quickly and accurately to detailed specifications, they used ample creativity to make my ideas better, and they delivered a superior website on time (early, actually!) and on budget. And they did all of that with a fine sense of humor, making the whole process enjoyable. The lesson for anyone I'm talking to is this: Trust in how good Followbright is.

They got to work quickly on projects and produced excellent results. They were also very professional in their communications. Erin, the project manager, was extremely personable on the phone, quick to respond to emails and phone calls, and all around a straight-up professional. She was timely, she knows how to communicate well, and she was very patient in dealing with me, which is important.

Luke Korkowski, Colorado Senate Candidate

Photo of EGLD logo project managerAmazing Feedback + Attentive Experience

We're getting amazing feedback on the new design! We have unveiled it to the community with much success. It looks GREAT.

Thank you so much for being thorough, and receptive to our every question and need. Plus, you met every single one of our deadlines all while anticipating our needs and giving us helpful information before we even knew we needed it.

We are so delighted with our final product, and so happy with the professional and attentive experience you provided!

Cortni O'Brien, Public Relations
Eagle Valley Library District

client photoWe Enjoyed Working with Followbright

Our staff really enjoyed working with Followbright.

With an internal goal of increasing online sales, it is more important than ever that our content be organized effectively for those who may not know much about our facilities, programs and services. Followbright taught us how to look at our website's content with "outside eyes" and assisted us in organizing our website content in a manner that is more effective for our consumers.

Followbright helped educate our staff on this important concept so that we can manage our website's pages and content more effectively in the future.

Jenise Jensen, Town of Breckenridge, CO Recreation Department


client photoAddressed All Our Concerns + Amazing Industry Knowledge

We were most impressed with Followbright's tremendous knowledge of the industry, their accessibility, cutting-edge metrics, and their ability to meet us where we were terms of our knowledge of internet technologies.

We also appreciated we were able to give feedback at all stages of the build of our website. We felt like we were involved in all important decisions in terms of the site without having to make the small decisions, which we appreciated.

We've had excellent ROI and as a bonus we've even received many accolades and awards for our website.

If you're looking for exceptional web savvy-service for your business as you build your web presence, you will not be disappointed in Followbright.

Dr. Stephen Sherick, CEO, Innova Emergency Medical Associates

The Experience Surpassed Our Expectations

Our website project experience with Followbright far surpassed our expectations.

Our area has around 30 spas or businesses that offer massage therapy, and their websites do not compare to the beauty, ease of use, and marketability of our site that the geniuses at Followbright created.

We were impressed with the remarkable customer service that they provided from the first phone call we made to them all the way to the launching of our site. We cannot express how pleased we are that our time and hard earned money were valued and respected, which is hard to come by these days.

Followbright has provided us with a phenomenal outlet to obtain new clients and to make our services more accessible to existing clients as well.

R. Hyde, Colorado Spa Owner

You Went Out Of Your Way To Meet Expectations

We've engaged Followbright on two separate occasions. The first time, they came in and performed a code audit and usability review. The second engagement was a complete website revamp, which included front-end visual design and theming, as well as back-end development.

We've been thrilled with the results of the deployment thus far. Followbright has really gone out of their way to meet our expectations. From a project management perspective, I have to say they were always right on top of everything. They always made sure we were updated on the status and progress of our various deliverables.

Followbright is extremely responsive to and flexible with their client requests, too, which made an enormous difference. We were very impressed with their diligence and transparency. Followbright really takes ownership over their work.

Jed Heneberry, Director of Marketing & Client Relations
Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals Association (90,000+ members)

Kim photoSmooth and Cost-Effective Process

The whole process in going from our old website to our new website was smooth and cost effective. A small amount of training then allowed us to have MUCH more control over the day to day aspects of the site (changing hours, creating specials, etc); saving our spa both time and money. Since the initial project has finished, they've continued to be "on call" when we've needed help. We're very happy clients!!

K. Krafchak, Owner
Mountain Sanctuary Breckenridge spa

client photoOur Site Brings Clients From All Over the World

The website Followbright created for us ranks in the top local listings in Google and brings clients to our practice from all over the world. We even have X-Games gold medalists booking with us solely because of our website!!

Valerie S., Spa owner

client photoCreative, Straightforward, and Organized

You are not a typical website design company! You are UNBELIEVABLY creative and straightforward, organized, and respond immediately to questions and communications.

We appreciate the fact you don't just take the info we give you and do whatever we suggest; you actually look critically at it as a potential consumer's point of view and come up with your own ideas to make it better and more accessible.

We are just lucky to have found you, to have been able to meet you, and to get to know you. It is obvious that you are brilliant—we are not just flattering you, it is obvious.

Dr. Heidi Worth, medical aesthetics spa owner


CSL logoYou Provide Such Excellent Service

Our website is excellent, and and working with you is a pleasure. Business has been great, and we know part of that is due to the website you built for us; it's easy to navigate, easy to use, and we are always getting positive feedback on it from our customers. You provide such excellent service, plus you're brutally honest and don't sugarcoat things, which we appreciate.

Dick Boylan
Colorado Ski Lodging, Owner

SRG logoYou Are a Blessing To Our Company

You are the most competent website firm we have ever worked with, or have spoken with. We tell people about your directness. We prefer someone who is direct and doesn't say sappy client things. After communicating with other companies, we learned just what a BLESSING your company is to us.

Barb Richard
Colorado vacation rental marketing director

client photoYour Contribution Has Been Huge

The primary challenge for us was to get our business a legitimate and compelling online presence. About four years ago, we started working with Followbright. In that time, they've designed and developed an entirely new site, done ad hoc tasks like website copy audits and code reviews, and worked closely with me on elements of our marketing plan.

When I started with Followbright, my annual gross revenue was around $100,000. I’m now at a little more than half a million. We've grown significantly. Though it's difficult to measure their exact impact, I'd say it's been huge—-because all of my business comes through the website.

Followbright places a very large emphasis on quality and relevance. They always want to ensure their client isn't just getting the solution they think they want, but the solution that will deliver the results they're looking for. It's been a fantastic business partnership. We still use them for ongoing support and maintenance services

L. Wadden, ski resort lodging company owner

client photoWe're In Love With Our Web Site's Design

Perfect job!

We are in love with our site and get great comments/compliments on it almost daily! We would OF COURSE refer you to anyone that we hear of that is looking for website design. Honestly we feel so comfortable with you

You are SO talented, I can't even tell you. [The website design] is amazing. We couldn't stop smiling when we first looked at it. You totally hit the nail on the head—it's beautiful and smart and classy. It is exactly what we had hoped for.


M. Levy, Texas apartment locator company owner

S. BrookWe Love Everything About The Way You Do Business

We have been so incredibly impressed with your team and love everything about the the way you do business, including the service you provide, the quality of work you deliver, and your amazing communications.

It is so wonderful to work with you throughout our project, and we will absolutely be recommending you to others.

Stephanie Brook, Founder
Inleit of Denver

They Truly Care About Your Project

We've worked with a number of web design companies (from small firms to multi-million dollar, internationally-recognized advertising agencies).

Followbright is exactly what you want if you're looking for a company who *actually cares* about your project—instead of just adding you into their assembly line, cranking out a site and sending you an invoice.

J. Smith, Cayman Islands real estate development group


photo of Leigh G.You're so responsive

We so appreciate your responsiveness, efficiency, and your creativity. We rely on you for guidance, have no complaints and we and have recommended you to others for website services!

Leigh Girvin, Executive Director, CD Land Trust

photo of ShannaOur New Site Will Help Our Organization Grow

Our website is beyond anything we ever could have imagined!

Thank you so very much for helping us to create a website that will help our organization grow and that is visually pleasing and informative. You were so patient working with a volunteer board that knew nothing about making a website.

S. Koenig, Colorado water conservation non-profit

photo of MarieAttention to Both Technical and Design Details

Followbright revamped and redeveloped our previous website giving it a whole new look, focus, and depth of substance. Its planning is unified in design and structure. You can find your way around the site easily and comfortably; it's wonderful and easy to use.

The technical parts of the site that address Web Standards are exemplary, as is their attention to them and design details. It's exciting to see their vision and ours realized. The site has received rave reviews from the membership.

M. Orlin, President, Colorado women's non-profit

Very grateful for the wonderful website

We are very grateful for the wonderful website. It is fresh, robust and working very well. All the things we requested. Thank you so much. Agency partners visiting our site go out of their way to tell us they love our new website.

D. Butler, Executive Director of the Early Childhood Council of Boulder County, Colorado

Extremely Pleased

We are extremely pleased with what we've gotten! We would recommend Followbright to our colleagues, and have already done so. We were working with federal money, so the project had to come in EXACTLY on time. Followbright knew this upfront. If they hadn't taken on this project, we may not have been able to do it with anyone else. They got it done exactly as promised

Bobbi Watson, Executive Director,
Boulder Early Childhood Council

Receiving Value, Eleven Years Later

The kiosks you designed and built for the museum 11 years ago are still upstairs in our kids' gallery and get quite a lot of use.

Most visitors who come to the Museum use the computers and play at least one of the games you developed. A couple of weeks ago we even had a visitor from out of state who really liked the games and asked where he could get them!

Tara Sikora, Education Coordinator of the Denver Firefighters Museum

Bruce photoCouldn't Be Happier With the Results

You've delivered on all fronts; and we here at the BOEC team we couldn't be happier with the results.

Bruce Fitch, Executive Director of BOEC (Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center)

Imagination + Experience

Working with you has been delightful. Imagination, experience, friendliness...your team has it all!

As a community-based nonprofit, our organization longed for a website that featured who we are and what we do—not an easy task! On top of that, we needed to work within our budget. We achieved the very goal for which we were striving through Followbright's final product: our awesome new website.

We recommend your web design company to anyone who craves creative professionalism and demands perfection, whether they're a non-profit, government entity, or for-profit business.

E. Jones, Community Prevention Coordinator, Colorado non-profit

Timely + Easily Accessible

Followbright was instrumental in training our staff and providing assistance so that we can now manage, maintain, and update our website on our own. Their staff was both easily accessible and timely in answering questions that came up.

M. Speer, Executive Director of the Keystone Neighbourhood Company


Choosing You Means We Didn't Have To Worry

Choosing the right web development team mitigates half of the risk when developing a web application, and when you choose Followbright, you don’t need to worry about that half of the risk.

Followbright kept us updated throughout the project and were very responsive. To give you a sense of how responsive they are, the lead developer has been on vacation and we have his cell number, and if we had anything come up that was an emergency, he was more than happy to take a look at it. Wireframes were put on a development server that we were able to access. We could actually go to them and provide feedback.

What sets Followbright apart, quite frankly, was their business acumen on what works and what doesn't. We were pretty steadfast in what we thought we wanted, and for the most part, we were right, but they contributed some great insights on improvements we could make.

Brent Nelson, budget4cast

Looking Forward To Doing More Business With You!

We have a small- to midsize Telecommunications company and our old website was lacking the right look and feel with too much content. We do not have an in house marketing team, so we were in charge of getting a new website up and running. We spoke with a few marketing agencies but Followbright stood out right from the beginning.

We were on a limited budget and Followbright was able work with us to figure out what was most important for the website and help us stay on track and within our budget. Erin, Josh and Jonathan were so awesome to work with, they were extremely professional and responsive and we were really impressed with the outcome of our website. We have had nothing but positive feedback from our team as well as outsiders.

The Followbright team was great, kept in constant contact with us and helped us stay on track and work within our budget. I really enjoyed working with them and learned a lot along the way.

We look forward to doing more business with them in the future and highly recommend them.

Carly Silver, IQ Wired

Website Project Could Not Have Gone Better

I approached the hiring of a web designer with a lot of careful planning. I met with nearly 10 designers and the process took over two months. I ended up getting 6 quotes and had a difficult time choosing between Followbright and one other designer. Even though that designer was about $3,500 less expensive, I ended up going to Followbright - and I'm incredibly happy that I did. Followbright takes a systematic approach to their business.

You can feel the years of experience when you speak with them. They know their perfect customer and they're smart enough to protect their team members by only partnering with customers who are a good fit. That's good business - for them as well as us. The website refresh they designed for us could not have gone any better. I chalk that up to their experience and how they work together as a team. Other designers I've worked with often forget small details which can cost me money. Their process-oriented way of doing business made our project go off on time and without any issues. In addition to fantastic, clean design, Followbright acts as a strategic business partner for us. They've given us a better understanding how how to hire the right employees as well as helping us with our site content and organic search.

C. Bronstein, CEO

Creativity + Logic

Followbright was my clear choice for a web company. They address not only the technical functions of a site, but the emotional impact it can have as well. Their creativity and logic culminated in exactly what I had imagined for my website - only better!

J. Bergeron, Colorado Entrepreneur

Creative Energy + Technical Expertise

We've appreciated your timely, thorough, and relevant communications and we've appreciated the business recommendations you've provided outside of web development to us.

We've also enjoyed the brainstorming aspects of our interactions, where you've recommended things for the business or mentioned studies related to marketing.

And your creative energy mixed technical expertise… what a great combination. There are a lot of web companies that build websites but I feel you all have a genuine interest in helping us roll this out properly – which we appreciate.

J. Pearce, Denver Entrepreneur

I Can't Say Enough Wonderful Things About Your Web Design Company


I'm Bonnie Brown, owner of MyOwnBridalShow, and a few months ago I was in a tough spot. We were having some problems with our web designer and it was holding up the launch of our business.

Luckily, I found Followbright. What a lifesaver they were. I have had wonderful experiences with Erin. She's a very good communicator, always very clear about what she needed from me in order to keep our project on track and launched in a timely manner.

They're extremely reputable and do a wonderful job with web development, design and SEO work. She has my highest recommendation; I can't say enough wonderful things about them, with her staff they can do virtually anything you need to get your project launched on the Internet and it's a joy to work with them.

One of the greatest things about her company that I love and working with her, is she absolutely does what she says she's going to do in a timely manner. And that's a rarity in this world.

Thanks so much Followbright, my company never would have gotten launched without you, and you have my highest recommendation.

Bonnie B., Denver Entrepreneur

Great Designs That Meet Business Goals

We've worked with many talented web designers over the years. What sets Followbright apart as designers is their ability to seamlessly blend outstanding design with an understanding of the business goals of the project.

A great design that doesn't meet the business goals is only half the job. Followbright brings the full package together.

D. Albe, Metzger Associates

A Great Experience

Morris photoWorking with Followbright has been a great experience! Their quarterly care package has helped to ensure the performance and security of our site and everything has worked seamlessly since they've taken over our site maintenance. They’re always quick to respond when we have a question or an issue which is greatly appreciated!

Danielle Morris, Manager
Real Estate Information Services

Highest Quality Designs of Any Design Company We've Worked With

Followbright provides the highest quality and most up-to-date expertise of any design/development company that we have ever worked with.

Their ability to create stunning designs which are also very user-friendly (and SEO-friendly as well) is very unique and highly desirable, and we look forward to referring more clients to them in the future.

Mike B., CEO of seOverflow (Denver)

They Address the Technical Functions + Emotional Impacts

Followbright addresses not only the technical functions of a website, but the emotional impact it can have as well. Their creativity and logic culminated in exactly what we had imagined for our website - only better.

Jennifer B., Colorado entrepreneur

client photoCare For Your Clients, Serious Expertise, and Rare Integrity

We loved feeling that you genuinely cared about us and our project.

We felt like I had a partner in you because you shared your creative ideas, made suggestions, challenged some of our ideas opposed to the previous web developer we worked with who said "just tell me what you want and I'll do it".

Another huge plus: your integrity. To sum up what I think about you: genuine care for clients; serious expertise, and rare integrity.

J. Karen, Colorado Entrepreneur

Timely Responses, Timely Production

Thanks for your timeliness on our project -- timely responses, timely production -- as well as all the hard work!

Caley Van Cleave,

Outstanding Job + Took Care of Our Needs

Followbright really did an outstanding job redesigning our website. They were very thorough in finding out exactly what our needs were and provided results within a very short time. No question went unanswered; it was very easy communicating with them.

R. Nelson, online media company president

A Beautiful Solution That Fits Our Needs

We were at the end of our ropes with our website until Followbright re-engineered our everything to suit our needs and those of our viewers. After struggling to design a website which includes six partners, we looked to Followbright to find a solution and they delivered: quickly and artistically.

With very little artistic direction from us they gave us a beautiful solution and transformed our relic of a website into a clean, simple, and incredibly user-friendly site that works well for both our company as well as all of the visitors that use our website.

Brad W., General Manager, Colorado TV news station


You'll Be Getting All My Future Business!

I had the pleasure of working with the Followbright team over the last several months and could not be happier.

They listened to what I wanted and always kept my best interests at the forefront of our project and that includes my financial best interests as well. Erin actually made many recommendations that saved me money both in the present and in the long term and I would have been none the wiser had she not brought them to my attention.

Everything that the Followbright team did was done with courtesy and professionalism. Not only was the team great to work with but the results of our project turned out wonderfully and very much how I envisioned it before we began.

I would highly recommend Followbright to other online marketers. I have some other lines of business that will also need some web presence and I can assure you that Followbright will be getting my business for each of those projects.

Thank you for your hard work, guys!!

Scott Souther
Secure Income Retirement

You were phenomenal!

We are extremely happy with how our new website came out! Your team was phenomenal to work with and we're pumped with the final product.

Robert V., President
Resort Sitters

Reid photoYou Listen, Understand, and Interpret

You have an innate way of running a comb through our thoughts and making everything fall into place nice and neat so we can see the bigger picture. We'll talk all day about how amazing your company is...

Reid Rechel, President
Anabranch Flood

Brandt photoEverything Has Been A Complete Success

Everything going forward with Followbright, from CMS customization to coding and development, has been a complete success. We've received a lot of praise about the new design, as well as the upgraded and streamlined functionality. People are spending more time on the site. The engagement rate has gone up 40%. And the site is generating significantly more potential leads, which have increased by roughly 400% within the past year. It's just been dramatic.

Followbright has really gone above and beyond our expectations. We're very pleased with what they've delivered. We’re definitely going to remain with them going forward, so they can help us with anything difficult that might emerge down the road.

Brandt Thompson, VP of Product Design
Interthinx ®

Julie Pate-GuruleOn Time and On Budget

I was initially hesitant to work with Followbright because I didn't know if the price would be too high for my company. I moved forward with them for my website project though and was so impressed by how they kept everyone and the entire project on time. I was so happy with the friendly service, how they delivered my project on time and on budget, and how there just weren't any surprised. I will absolutely recommend them to others.

Julie Pate-Gurule
Employment Compliance Solutions

rachel smiley photoSo Happy With Our 13+ Year Relationship

We are so very happy with our 13+ year relationship working with you, and we're so appreciative of how you've moved our business forward since we started working with you—especially with regards to the functionality, aesthetics, and research related to our site.

Your web design and strategy team is talented, you always turn work around quickly for us, and you've given us everything we've needed to succeed online. Our company is so pleased.

Rachel Smiley
Aspen party rentals company

Prompt, Professional, and a Pleasure to Work With

Followbright redesigned and updated our website and the result is a high class, professional product that aligned with our image and our vision for how we want to present our professional services firm and our services.

Followup is crucial to any project and our firm is constantly adding new text to the website. It's a pleasure working with Followbright ; they are prompt and thorough with our changes.

Vivienne Kramer, Gordon Hughes & Banks LLP (now merged with Eide Bailly)

We Are Forever Grateful

Just wanted to take a moment to let you know that our company is doing great! We weren't sure it would bounce back and were fearful of the future, but it has, and we recognize it is all due to your efforts and expertise and we cannot tell you how unbelievably happy we are.

You are THE Best and we are SO grateful to have you. You saved our website's life. We are forever grateful.

Diana S. C., Dog training company owner

David photoOne of the Wisest Decisions We've Made For Our Business

Choosing Followbright was one of the first investments we made in our company—and it also happens to be also one of our wisest decisions. Our website remains one of the best in the area 8 years after it launched, and we're consistently at the top of internet searches which is occurring organically. To this day they continue to always be available whenever we need their help. I look forward to working with Followbright more in the future, and am excited to see what lies ahead.

D. Preaus, CEO
Colorado Custom Cabinetry Company

client photoYou Are Incredible

Everyone at Followbright have incredible knowledge with regard to all technical aspects of websites. You all are truly gifted, with different aspects of what it takes to make a successful website.

You're professional to the core. You were kind and patient, prepared us well, listened thoroughly and then worked with enthusiasm and talent. You were timely and responsive to questions and any other issues that arose. You made certain we fully understood the website operations gave invaluable training. And you didn't forget us after the website was completed.

Mary A., Author and psychologist

client photoIncredible Value, Highly Efficient, and Fun People

As a complete neophyte to website design, I was looking for a designer who could educate me on the design process using layman's language, interpret my ideas for my website into a functional reality, and exercise creative intelligence to reflect my personality and achieve my purpose in the design. I thought you did a superlative job of making the website personal to me, while still bespeaking a sense of professionalism and decorum.

I was fortunate to have been referred to you, and thoroughly enjoyed working with you to get my website up and running smoothly...on time and squarely on budget.

Leslie Toepfer, Attorney at Law, P.C.

Thank You For The Great Job

Thank you for the great job that you did on our Boulder law firm's website. It is so unique; I love the colors, the layout, and the texture.

Beth Klein, Attorney at Law, P.C.

client photoA Professional Website, a Pleasure to Work With

We were very, very happy with the work you did for us, and we have been complimented on the professionalism of our website. Above all, you are a pleasure to work with and are very responsive.

Lyn Edwards, CEO, Executive search company

A Useful Tool That Saves Us Money

Our site is a useful tool for our sales staff. They are able to refer our clients to our website to view the items and help them decide. We are also able to use the site to upsell our clients into nicer items, which is better for our bottom line.

The Wishlist Feature you built takes advantage of a client's unwillingness to make a phone call. By them submitting a Wishlist, our sales staff are able to put together an initial quote and open a dialogue with our clients based on their initial inquiry.

More importantly, and perhaps *most* importantly, the web site you designed and built for us is constantly complimented by our clients as easy to navigate and use. We receive these comments regularly and are very proud that our site is tops in our industry.

Without the website you designed and built for us, doing business would be much more costly and difficult.

Dave S., President, Aspen party rental company

client photoUp and Running In Record Time (and Within Budget)

You got us up and running in record time, stayed within our budget, and made lots of creative suggestions that really enhanced the quality of our new website.

We found it a pleasure to work with you to develop a new website for our consulting business.

N. French, CEO, training resources and consulting company


client photoWhen I Saw What You Did, I Cried

You listened! You took what we said we wanted and made it better than we ever could have imagined. When we saw what you did in such a short amount of time, I cried. I'm NOT kidding…I don't know if I ever told you that, but I did.. You took the ball, ran fast and haven't stopped after all these years.

Besides the fact that you're totally awesome as people and designers, you're also honest, hardworking, super smart, creative… and you take initiative.

You were so easy to talk to and we trusted you right away. Your knowledge and ability to speak and communicate on our level was and still is huge.

You were calm, patient, and understanding of our situation and lack of web knowledge and never spoke poorly of other designers. And you certainly could because you BLOW them out of the water.

Now, you still amaze us with your ideas and suggestions to help us become successful. You look out for us not your bank account. We feel you're part of our team and only want what's best for us. Without your guidance, flexibility, patience and attention to detail, we would never have been able to achieve the level of success that we have!

Kelli Bennett, real estate agency top producer

We Just Got a Call From Another Potential Buyer!

We just had another potential buyer call and tell us they've been using our website for the past 6 months, and that out of every one they've has seen, ours is the most user friendly and the best!

K. Milton, broker administrative assistant

client photoWe Recommend You Without Hesitation

Followbright is great to work with. They gave us realistic goals and more important--realistic time tables. They were there all the way with what would work and what would not, if things were going to be cost effective and how long they would take. We regularly recommend Followbright without hesitation.

Henry B., Colorado real estate agent

client photoThey Give Us True Value For Our Money

We recently began using Followbright for web work and consultancy for a website I am overseeing for a multi-million dollar advertising campaign for our luxury real estate development company in the Cayman Islands.

We inherited an internationally-recognized advertising agency. Their client portfolio listed the who's who of real estate development. On paper, very impressive, but we've had nothing but frustrations with them and have started to outsource jobs to Followbright because we know that a) they give us true value for our money and b) they deliver quality product instead of excuses and delays.

Other web companies we've worked with sent excuses and apologies for missed deadlines. Followbright is small enough to carefully monitor each project, but experienced enough to efficiently manage their time and production schedule. They moved faster than we were prepared for and actually had to wait for *us* at times.

J. Smith, VP of Marketing, Cayman Islands luxury real estate development group

Quick Response Time + Excellent Follow Through

You have quick response time to questions and excellent follow through. You also have the ability to figure out what we are asking for and then find a way to give it to us. Even though it may not be delivered in the way we expected, it still is able to delight us.

Joanne H., Colorado real estate agency


You're a Source of Inspiration To Us.

All of you at Followbright are a source of inspiration to us. The level of care. Astuteness in the business solutions we require. Prompt support and availability. Clear communication. You guys are the real deal, complete package, cat's pajamas!

M. Harinen, Bluebird Botanicals

Organized + Professional Follow Through

Thank you, Followbright, for taking us into your expert hands and making the creation of our website such a pleasure! Your patience, sense of humor and simple explanations made the process interesting and fun. We loved watching our thoughts take shape in your creative design.

So many who have seen the site have remarked at how it reflects our store and personality. Your organized and professional follow through with every step was so appreciated. We have already begun to sing your praises to others, and we look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.

Karen Berg, Owner, Next Page Bookstore

THANK YOU For a Job Well Done!

Followbright was both receptive to the needs and limitation of our business and worked with us to create an exceptionally professional product. We appreciated the attention to detail and up-to-date industry knowledge that Followbright brought to our project.

When envisioning an online store we hoped for the following: simplicity, classic style, easy navigation, and professional polish. Followbright was able to deliver it all and was very timely with their correspondence, addressing each concern that we had.

Michelle W., pet products company owner

We Receive Extremely Positive Customer Feedback

Our website project's process was very productive, as Followbright asked the right questions about theme, content and usability and helped us critique other websites to help us define what we were looking for. We now have a website we're proud to show our customers and the customer feedback is extremely positive, which is what it's all about!

Al Z., President, high end appliance retail company

Colleen photoUnparalleled, Efficient Process

From our first consultation to future follow ups to the final finishing touches of finalizing the site, the communication, cost projections, professional support and design talent was unparalleled to what I had experienced before.

Colleen Meheen, Owner
Elora Purestyle

High Level of Creative Design

We came to Followbright with a pretty specific idea for a website intro production, which we wanted synchronized precisely to an audio clip. They took our outline and built the production with a high level of creative design and visual effect, resulting in a production we are proud to use in our eCommerce website.

E Miller, video helmet company owner


Easy To Work With

Our goal was to implement a website to help us communicate with our members and inform the general public about our Golf Club. Followbright helped us every step of the way to achieve our goal. They simplified the sometimes-complicated process, communicated in layman's terms, and were very easy to work with from the very beginning.

S. Walter, General Manager, exclusive CO golf club

client photoAdded Sales & Rejuvenated Customer Loyalty

For our website, we interviewed about 10 different companies (half in Colorado, half national companies).We chose Followbright for the job because you respectfully listened to our ideas and then built an extremely smart plan around them (with a few creative features added in).

You didn't try to sell us more than we needed, and didn't just put together a simple plan to match our needs and move on. The Followbright team first devised a quick fix plan for our old site so we could continue operating, then went to work on the new site. Their attention to detail was contagious. Our only regret with is that we did not find them sooner.

We are flooded with compliments and enthusiasm regarding our new site. The site is creating a buzz that is carrying over into added sales and rejuvenated customer loyalty.

C. Hall, Colorado fly fishing outfitters

Creative, Effective, and Fast

The consistently high quality and effectiveness of our ads are a reflection of your knowledge and expertise in state-of-the-art graphic design. We'll be sure to recommend your highly professional, creative, fast and friendly services to fellow business owners and anyone who asks!

Kevin F, Colorado rafting company owner

We Now Have The Coolest Cycling Website

We love this site. Followbright did everything we wanted and asked. This is the coolest website for a cycling team that's out there.

Ryan L, Professional track cyclist and team manager

Michelle photoAbsolutely Fantastic!

We LOVE it. We love the design, we love the fonts, we love the bios - everything looks absolutely fantastic!

Michelle Juneau, CAO
Bomber Industries

client photoComplete Confidence In Your Web Agency

Your team is conscientious, helpful, and quick when it comes to managing our site. You are smart and savvy and really care about your work. We have never felt anything but complete confidence with any task we send over.

Paula Pensiero, Co-Owner of Baldface Lodge Cat Skiing, British Columbia

client photoStrategy Built On Our Goals + Budget

There were no hidden charges and no sudden surprises. Followbright does their research and totally commits to the job before beginning, so you know you won't be hit with additional fees at the end of the project.

You can trust that the team at Followbright will create the product your business needs and not a bunch of bells and whistles that you don't need. They listen to a client's goals and then build a strategy that will maximize t