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Unity Snowboards

Case Study Type: Web design, development, and ExpressionEngine integration
Overview: How we helped a Colorado snowboard manufacturer carve a deep niche in the snow sports industry

A unique, growing Colorado business

`Unity Snowboards is different.

  • They build and sell two products that most of its competitors do not offer: ultra-light snowboards and backcountry splitboards.
  • Customers can actually purchase direct from the factory.
  • Their boards are hand-built in the USA, not Asia.
  • Instead of a one-year warranty, Unity stands behind its boards with a two-year warranty.

As Unity's popularity grew in the mid-2000s, Unity's owner Pete Wurster realized that the company's existing website was quickly becoming outdated and no longer serving the company's needs.

Static, inflexible site no more.

Unity worked with Followbright to develop a clean, updated site that provided flexibility and control. Unity is now able to manage all the content within their site internally; they can add and remove pages, manage the team member section, update the yearly line of boards, manage the online store, keep the dealers section up to date, and add videos, photos, and news. Ultimately, as Unity Snowboards grows, the site grows, expands, and adapts to fit the company's needs.

The site delivers

The new Unity website has achieved improved Google rankings for a variety of Unity's niche industry terms, and website visits are up 66% from three years ago. Plus, the site's eCommerce system has allowed Unity to generate additional sales by selling products that weren't supplied to dealers.

Most importantly though, with a website that better serves the company, Unity can now more efficiently and effectively promote their high-quality, unique products.

Additional project images:

  • snowboard website screenshot
  • screenshot
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In the client's own words...

Pete W., owner of Colorado snowboard company UnityThank you for redesigning and reworking the Unity site. It's engaging for our site's visitors and has a great updated design. Best of all, the content is better organized. Everything is streamlined and it's easy for our website's visitors to find what they're looking for.

The design is so clean, the site is effective for our customers, we can update all the content site internally, and it's working great. Thanks so much.

~ Pete Wurster, Owner
Unity Snowboards of Colorado