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Two Octobers

Case Study Type: Website copywriting
Overview: Learn how we helped a results-drive digital marketing agency drive even more results through strategic website copywriting

Digital marketing agency copywriting case studyWhen Two Octobers—a small, results-driven Denver digital marketing agency—approached us, they were already hitting their clients' projects out of the park.

In fact, their clients were seeing average ROI increases of 20% to 50%. Over 100 businesses were using their services. And they weren't losing clients.

Their business was thriving!

The only problem? They had a company website that didn't communicate their true value, their personality, or their extraordinary track record.

Two Octobers told us they felt their website was hindering their growth, and they needed a new way to communicate how great they are at what they do and attract new members to their growing team.

So we rolled up our sleeves and dove in.

Discovery, then writing

We started the Two Octobers website copywriting project with an in-depth Discovery process in which we learned not just about the company in general, but their successes, their people, their audiences, and their business goals.

Once we understood where they were coming from, we tackled the copy for their new website, focusing on their unique value, voice, and no-nonsense approach.

The results 

This web copywriting project resulted in a thrilled client that loves their content and a refreshed website with new copy now positioned to drive real leads by clearly communicating who Two Octobers truly is, what they do, and why it matters.

Copy sample #1:

Forget Buzzwords. Let's Talk Real Results.
We don't deal in hype. We don't care about ego. And we do care—a whole heck of a lot—about real results.

That's why every digital campaign we manage maps directly to your business goals. It's why we infuse every strategy with nearly 20 years of marketing and business expertise. And it's why everything we do is about you and your business. No buzzwords. No BS.

Copy sample #2:

We believe that marketing should always be strategic and measurable—and that belief is the foundation of everything we do.

It's why we don't deal in broadcast advertising, guesswork, or projects without a clear business goal.

It's why we work across all digital platforms—from web to social media to mobile—integrating each campaign where it will have the greatest impact on your bottom line.

It's why our client data is always interpreted by real people with real expertise.

And it's why you'll never hear us gushing about the latest marketing trend or buzzword—just smart, measurable marketing that generates leads and sales.