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Summit Resort Group

Case Study Type: Website copywriting and core messaging
Overview: Core messaging, website content strategy, and copywriting for a family-focused, Colorado vacation rental company

Digital marketing agency copywriting case study As Summit Resort Group (SRG) prepared to launch its new website design* and booking engine, the company discovered a lack of internal clarity on how to use their new website's content to market their uniqueness to potential customers.

Too many of their competitors were saying the exact same things, using the exact same words, and making the exact same claims in their online marketing, and SRG didn't want to get lost in the (rather large) sea of local, vocal vacation rental company websites.

SRG also feared that without thinking strategically about their new website's content, the investment they were making in a brand new design and online booking engine wouldn't be maximized.

First, a positioning strategy

Summit Resort Group hired us to help them develop a plan that would provide their potential customers with memorable and compelling reasons to learn more about their business, trust them, and ultimately choose them over the competition.

We dove in, engaging SRG in a collaborative Discovery Process, exploring target customer profiles, conducting competitive research, and interviewing key staff, ultimately developing Summit Resort Group's positioning strategy by researching, organizing, and clarifying the company's purpose and story.

This positioning strategy formed the foundation upon which their new website (and all the company's other online and offline marketing efforts) would be based.

Next, a site-wide content audit

We then completed a website content audit, reviewing the existing SRG website page by page. Our audit's findings allowed us to then map out a smarter, more effective site organization structure for the new website.

We provided recommendations on what new content to add, content to eliminate, pages to consolidate, and content to reword so it matched the new messaging. We also came up with a 3-phased plan that would allow SRG to move forward with improving the site's content over the long term, instead of requiring them to make the site 100% perfect for the initial re-launch.

Finally, new homepage copy

Finally, we planned out and crafted SRG's new website homepage copy, being careful to specifically speak to the pain and gain points of their most important target audience groups.

The company took its positioning strategy, the results of our website content audit, the recommendations plan we created, and their new homepage copy, then created the remainder of their website's content internally.

During the project, Summit Resort Group gained...

  1. a core messaging platform clarifying and consolidating key communication points,
  2. a content strategy for their new website,
  3. strategic content recommendations
  4. a phased plan to ensure future website success, and
  5. homepage copy speaking exactly to the main interests guests care about most.

* Important Note: We did not design or build Summit Resort Group's website.