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Summit Neurology

Case Study Type: Core messaging, positioning strategy, and website copywriting
Overview: How we helped a neurology practice bring a better quality of life to more people

Summit Neurology copywriting case studyColorado's high country is a unique place to call home, with its breathtaking vistas, easy access to the great outdoors, and friendly neighbors.

Unfortunately, neurological disorders limit the ability of some people to enjoy their mountain lifestyles to the fullest. And until recently, they had to travel to multiple clinics or to Denver to seek relief.

Dr. Mark Pithan changed all that when he opened Summit Neurology.

His practice provides leading-edge expertise, diagnostic technologies, and treatment options all under one roof in a variety of convenient Colorado high country locations.

Getting the word out

After opening his practice, Dr. Pithan realized that in order to thrive, he needed a compelling positioning and messaging strategy that would drive traffic to his doors by setting his practice apart from other neurology care options.

Through our unique positioning strategy process, we quickly realized that what Dr. Pithan offers patients goes well beyond symptom relief. With an integrated approach to wellness, deep commitment to service and sincere compassion for patients, he helps restore their quality of life.

Dr. Pithan uses his final project deliverables (a core messaging document and over-arching positioning strategy) to reach out to people in Colorado's high country who need him.

Within days, the strategy helped Dr. Pithan begin feeling clear about his simple, primary promise: "We'll help you get back to the life you love."

Within weeks, through implementation in his marketing, the strategy began helping his practice grow.

Project sample: Positioning statement (long version)

At Summit Neurology, we have a mission: To help restore our patients' quality of life as well as their health.

We understand the pain and worry neurological symptoms can cause, and offer a unique suite of solutions to help—in in a compassionate, stress-free environment.

From the diagnosis and treatment of complex illnesses and sleep disorders, to creating your most youthful look with cosmetic Botox, we'll help you get back to the life you love.

Project sample: Positioning statement (short version)

Rediscover a healthier more vibrant you. We offer a unique suite of clinical services designed to restore not only your health, but your energy and confidence, as well.