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Stop Breathe Focus

Case Study Type: Custom website design, website development, and ExpressionEngine CMS integration
Overview: How we helped an author spread the word about her new book

Colorado author book website screenshotAcclaimed counselor Mary Augustyn developed a method that allows people to manage their behavior and get amazing results. She wrote a book called Stop Breathe Focus that detailed her method and techniques, then asked us to build a website promoting the book.

Followbright worked closely with Mary in designing and developing a bright, upbeat website that reflected her energy, generated excitement about her book, and allowed visitors to purchase Mary's products straight from the site.

Mary's website uses ExpressionEngine as its Content Management System, giving her complete control over all of the content in her website. She never needs to ask us (or anyone else) to make changes or updates to her site (though we're always here to provide support and assistance if the need arises).

Months after her site went live, Mary wrote: "Thank you for making certain that I fully understood the operations of the website and training me to do things for myself. And thank you for not forgetting about me after my site was completed and I was on my own."

Today, Mary is thrilled that she has people from all over the world purchasing her book through her website.


The Stop Breathe Focus website's design was so unique and cutting-edge when the site was initially launched in 2008 that it was featured in all of the following online galleries:

website design galleries

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
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How we helped:

  • Online strategy consultation
    Focused on effective content organization and layout strategies to allow for outstanding ease of use.
  • Website design and development
    From-scratch creation of the website's look & feel.
  • ExpressionEngine CMS
    Implementation and client training of ExpressionEngine, which allows Mary to update her content whenever she wishes—eliminating the need to pay a website company for maintenance work.
  • Ecommerce
    Implementation of a system that allowed the client to sell her book and related accessories through her site.
  • Website and email hosting

In the client's own words...

Mary Augustyn, book authorI am so pleased with my website! It is exactly what I had hoped for; it is beautiful, conveys the feelings of warmth, hope, and vitality, it's easy to navigate, and is so very tasteful.  It's also a wonderful online tool to enhance the sale of my book.

Your team is absolutely incredible. Working with you all has been such a delight, and your creativity mixed with clear common sense is the perfect combination to create the perfect website. Thank you so much for such a positive experience.

~ Mary Augustyn
Author and Licensed Counselor