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Raindrops on Roses

Case Study Type: Custom website design and development
Overview: Learn how we helped an elite gardening company cultivate more high-end clientele

Web design screenshot for Colorado gardening company

Vision for the site

Years ago, Juliana Maes, owner of high-end Colorado gardening company Raindrops on Roses, determined it was time to begin reaching new clients via the web. From the very beginning, she was focused on developing an online presence that clearly reflected the company's vision, the uniqueness of the company, and the superior quality of the company's work.

It was imperative that the site give potential clients an immediate sense of who they'd be hiring. The site had to be perfect.

The new website design

From the specific flowers accompanying clients' testimonials to subtle details like the faded footprints meandering across a page's background, this Colorado gardening website stands heads and shoulders above all its competitors—as evidenced by an incredible outpouring of glowing feedback, exceptional search engine rankings, and a continuing stream of phone calls and inquiries from new clients.


The Raindrops website's design was so unique and cutting edge when the site was initially launched in 2010 ago that it was featured in the following online galleries:

website galleries featured in

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • screenshot
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How we helped:

  • Online strategy development
    Provided client with extensive assistance related to effective content, content formatting, and site organization for engaging potential customers.
  • Copywriting
    Production of concise, persuasive homepage copy—including development of a clear and simple homepage intro headline that allows site visitors to immediately determine if the company's services could be a good match for their needs.
  • Custom website design
    Creation of a completely custom, from-scratch, unique look & feel, designed from the ground up.
  • Website coding
    Transformation of the approved, custom design into the final functioning web site.
  • Website and email hosting

In the client's own words...

photo of Juliana Maes, owner of Raindrops Gardening of Summit County, ColoradoWe just finished talking to *another* new client who is interested in having a company maintain their Colorado garden. They called immediately after reviewing our web site—and said they could tell we obviously did a great job and would therefore like to hire us instead of the competition.

While looking at my website right after it went live, I had tears running down my face. I also couldn't get ANYTHING done because I was too busy responding to emails from everyone on how much they loved it. I kept looking at it just to make sure it was real! The website it beautiful, and that's putting it mildly. Thank you so much for a website that we will never stop being proud of. It's just perfect.

~ Juliana Maes, Owner
Raindrops on Roses Gardening