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Luke Korkowski for Senate

Overview: Helping an attorney make a strong case in his Senate bid
Case Study Type: Custom website design, development, and ExpressionEngine CMS integration

Web design screenshot for Colorado Senate runner

Luke Korkowski, a highly successful Colorado attorney from Crested Butte, ran for state Senate in 2010.

Understanding that a state-of-the-art, impressive, and informative website was a crucial component of a successful political campaign, Luke hired our Colorado web design and development agency to create a campaign website that would accomplish the following goals:

  • enable visitors to quickly get a sense of what he stood for and his views and beliefs,
  • allow site visitors to sign up for his campaign newsletter, and
  • keep followers up to date via his blog
  • accept online donations from supporters
  • allow Luke and his team to easily manage and update all website content as he was on the road.

A new logo as well

Prior to beginning this project's website design and development work, we first hand-crafted a new logo for Luke:

LK custom logo design

A smooth, efficient project

Despite being a rush project, the design and development of Luke's website stayed efficient and streamlined from start to finish.

Luke shared the following with us:

"Erin, you and your team have done for me exactly what anyone would want from a professional firm: You responded quickly and accurately to detailed specifications, you used ample creativity to make my ideas better, and you delivered a superior website on time (early, actually!) and on budget. And you did all of that with a fine sense of humor, making the whole process enjoyable."

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot

How we helped:

  • Logo design
  • Website design and coding
  • ExpressionEngine CMS integration
  • Custom blog design & integration
  • Online donation acceptance

In the client's own words...

photo of LukeYou know your website is good when you meet people on the campaign trail and, upon hearing your name, say, "Oh yeah, your website is awesome!" That happened a lot.

Professional political operatives —many of them—told me how good the site looked. Most of those with whom I spoke said it was the best campaign site in the state of Colorado at any level, from local to national.

More than that, Followbright's efforts established my campaign as a serious, no-nonsense political operation, despite coming from obscurity.

~ Luke Korkowski
CO Attorney and Senate Candidate