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Katlo Charters

Case Study Type: Website copywriting
Overview: How we helped a British Virgin Islands catamaran cruise company communicate luxury and bliss

website copywriting case study Kathy and Mackie Cannon, owners of Katlo Charters in the British Virgin Islands, knew their new website needed to communicate the custom nature, pure luxury, and combination of relaxation + exhilaration offered by their catamaran cruises.

The sparkling waters in which they sail and their delightful crew are two of the only things aboard Katlo cruises that aren't optional. Nearly everything else, from peace and quiet to joyful merrymaking, from snorkeling in calm waters to exhilarating "halyard flying", from fresh fruits to decadent desserts—is all completely, 100% customized and tailored to the desires and whims of each and every guest.

Afloat in a competitive industry, Kathy and Mackie knew their website needed to stand out from their competitions'. They needed to go beyond beautiful photos, boat specifications, and lists of locations to which they sailed. They needed to paint a gorgeous, enticing visual of the unique wonders their customers experience on each sailing cruise.

And so paint a gorgeous, enticing visual using words is exactly what we did.

Website copy samples

"Chart a Course For Discovering Your Own Unexplored Paradise"
Spontaneous and exhilarating, when you set sail for an adventure, you never know what you may find. With Captain Patrick at the helm, you're free to explore your every whim, from a moonlit barbecue on a secluded beach to dancing with locals in colorful villages.

"Your Style of Sailing"
From sparkling azure waters to pristine white sand beaches, the Virgin Islands are your personal playground when you sail with Katlo, our 2012 Lagoon catamaran.

"A Memorable Voyage for the Young and the Young at Heart"
Create indelible memories that will last a lifetime when the entire family experiences the BVIs on a Katlo catamaran vacation. Little ones through teenagers will have plenty of exciting activities to keep them occupied, leaving the adults ample time to relax.