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Inquiry By Design

Case Study Type: Unique Value Proposition (UVP) development
Overview: How we helped an English curriculum company articulate its unique advantage

IBD UVPAlthough expert communicators themselves, the team members behind Inquiry By Design struggled to concisely define and express the unique advantages offered by their English Language Arts training for middle schools and high schools.

After an exploration and research phase, we whittled down the company's many capabilities and accomplishments into a single, clear sentence (their Unique Value Proposition, or "UVP) that immediately communicated their uniqueness to potential industry clients.

While exploring Inquiry By Design's business and industry, we uncovered a unique difference measurable through improved test scores: the company's curriculum is based on introducing gradually increasing reading challenges to students.

This discovery became the basis for Inquiry By Design's UVP: "A revolutionary approach to English Language Arts based on the simple idea that meaningful challenges bring measurable results."

The unique UVP development process

We took the following steps in developing Inquiry By Design's UVP:

  1. Conducted an in-depth interview with the company's owners and staff to better comprehend their competitive landscape and their unique approach
  2. Furnished a detailed analysis that reviewed the websites of 16 direct competitors nationwide
  3. Identified 5 key advantages of the company's curriculum and what made it unique in their marketplace
  4. Presented 9 UVP statement options, each highlighting a key differentiating feature
  5. Worked directly with Inquiry By Design to polish their final UVP choice

In the client's own words...

photo of Timeri Tolnay

We love what you've done with our company UVP. We've been trying to do this for cough – years – another cough... Thank you!

~ Timeri Tolnay, Executive Director
Inquiry By Design