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Innova Emergency Medical

Case Study Type: Custom website design, web development, logo design, and ExpressionEngine integration
Overview: Learn how we kept a medical associates group from looking exactly like the competition

Web design screenshot for Colorado emergency medical associates group

The world of emergency physician group websites is frighteningly bland and homogeneous.

In fact, almost every single industry website showcases either outdated stock icons or bland stock photos of smiling families and doctors peppered across pages claiming exceptional levels of compassion, service, and excellence. (As our content strategist Ann said, tongue in cheek: with such incredible levels of excellence across so many physicians' groups, it's surprising we have any health care issues at all in the United States.)

Innova, however, is different.

Very different.

The company's long-term vision, unique staffing model, doctor compensation model, and communication processes set them miles apart from the rest. It was thus critical to ensure that Innova truly stood out from their competition on the web. Their brand and their site needed to position the company in a completely different manner so they didn't get lost in the crowd of generic stock photos and promised excellence.

The solution

We first worked on developing a unique positioning strategy for the company via competitive analysis, brand discovery and exploration, customer persona development and the creation of a master brand summary document.

We also designed the all new Innova logo, as seen here:

Innova logo

Using Innova's new positioning strategy, we created a custom website content strategy along with a from-scratch web design that makes Innova's feel like no other website in the industry.

The design features illustrated artwork custom crafted by a hand-picked illustrator who captured the essence of the Innova brand and spirit.

Additionally, to complement and assist Innova's tremendous growth, we planned and developed a separate section of the website devoted to recruiting outstanding new doctors to the Innova team. The content in this section of the site allows potential candidates to discover why working at Innova is so fantastic, review hiring requirements, efficiently self-select, and ultimately apply for positions.


The Innova website's design was showcased in the following online galleries:

galleries this website was featured in

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot

How we helped:

  • Custom Website Design
    A 100% from scratch custom design
  • Custom Illustration Work
    Illustration and art direction, coordinated with a hand-picked illustrator to create a the featured, custom medical illustration for the site
  • Front End Coding
    All HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the site's front end
  • ExpressionEngine CMS Integration
  • Brand Positioning Strategy
    Competitive analysis, brand discovery, and brand positioning development
  • Website Content Strategy
    Site architecture, messaging, voice, content planning
  • Copywriting/Content Creation
    From the homepage to the last page and every page in between, our copywriter Ann wrote every word of content within the Innova website
  • Logo Design

In the client's own words...

photo of Dr. Steve Sherick

You addressed all our concerns at every stage of this project, and you were were able to take our needs, desires, and goals and come up with a cohesive site that represents our company well. We've even received a variety of accolades and thousands of page views already for our new website. Best of all, our potential clients have been very impressed with our new site, and we've seen an excellent ROI.

~ Dr. Stephen Sherick, CEO
Innova Emergency Medical Associates