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Denver Physical Therapy

Case Study Type: Web design, development, content strategy, and WordPress integration
Overview: How we helped a Denver physical therapy practice experience relief from nagging website issues

Web design screenshot for a Denver physical therapist

Rick Olderman owns a prominent Denver physical therapy practice that uses a unique process to discover and treat the root causes of patients' acute and chronic pain. They're like "super PTs" that specialize in helping people who have lost all hope of ever being pain free again. 

Prior to hiring Followbright, the practice's primary pain was not having a site that promoted them as a brand. The company had a site for physical training services and a site that sold books, but no site that promoted them as an amazing physical therapy option. They hired us to create that website.

The new site's content needed to differentiate this Denver physical therapy practice from the competition. Thus, prior to beginning any of the project's design, development, or blog integration work, we developed a Unique Value Proposition (UVP). The UVP served as an important foundation that guided us and helped us make smart decisions as we moved forward with both website content and design through the project.

The new Denver physical therapy website...

  • is built in WordPress, allowing the client to manage site content internally.
  • displays the new Unique Value Proposition on every page to emphasize the exceptional value patients can experience.
  • displays a 6-slide auto-rotating slideshow on the homepage that was designed to specifically touch on the pain points of potential patients and, through call-to-action links, encourages site visitors to explore additional content.

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot

How we helped:

  • UVP Development
    Development of a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) that clearly and uniquely positions the Denver physical therapy practice and sets it apart from the competition.
  • Website Design
    A pre-created, "out-of-the-box" website design theme was carefully selected and customized to fit the client's specific needs, content, and style. This strategy provided the client with a clean, professional design while saving additional costs typically associated with unique, from-scratch designs.
  • WordPress CMS
    Integration of WordPress allows the client to update the website's content and eliminates the need for them to pay a website company for basic updating. WordPress also provides the client with complete control over the maintenance of the blog, photography, medical diagrams and images, and videos.
  • Slideshow Design
    Creation of the design and copy for six unique slides showcased in the homepage slideshow. Each slide touches upon a unique pain point potential patients experience and care deeply about. Call-to-action links on all but the first slide encourage site visitors to dive deeper into the content-rich site.