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Denver PT Copywriting

Case Study Type: Website homepage copywriting and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) development
Overview: Helping a Denver physical therapy practice strengthen its competitive differentiation

Denver PT copywriting case study When Rick Olderman began his Denver physical therapy practice, he dedicated himself to finding better ways to help his patients eliminate their chronic pain.

He knew that most other practitioners treated pain merely by addressing the symptoms, and he knew this approach was limited.

A diligent search led him to the revolutionary approach taught by Dr. Shirley Sahrmann, which uncovers the root causes of pain by assessing the cause and effect relationship between a patient's musculoskeletal systems.

The true challenge

Like a magician, Rick's physical therapy techniques work, and can truly make people's pain disappear. Not surprisingly, the majority of Rick's patients come to him through glowing referrals.

Our challenge was determining how to articulate Rick's amazing, unique claim believably while also communicating a strong message of hope.

To accomplish this, we interviewed several of Rick's patients as well as individuals within his target market. Our research process resulted in the following UVP:

Your pain is NOT incurable. It is caused by how you use your body. I'll help you identify and correct movement habits to end your pain, even if nothing else has worked for you.

Website copywriting

We also completed the copywriting for the website's homepage, which you can view here.