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Creative Culinary Consulting

Case Study Type: Website copywriting and Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
Overview: How we helped a restaurant consulting firm stand out as the most savory option

homepage website copywritingHomepage copy rework

Dissatisfaction with their existing site's fragmented and unclear copy spurred Creative Culinary Consulting to approach us for web copywriting assistance. The company requested new copy, specifically for their homepage, that would:

  • quickly engage potential clients
  • clearly telegraph their unique value
  • sound professional—yet very warm and friendly
  • give visitors confidence to choose their company

After conducting multiple interviews, researching industry competition, and helping the client narrow down their target audiences, we provided Creative Culinary Consultants with newly-focused and compelling homepage content.

The client also requested we develop a new bio for the company's owner, rework their existing case studies, and reorganize and rewrite the copy for their Menu of Services.

UVP development

Unique Value Proposition for this Colorado company's websiteAs an industry newcomer, how could Creative Culinary Consulting stand out in an oversaturated marketplace? We worked with them to solve this puzzle, uncover their singular advantage, and express it as a succinct, powerful Unique Value Proposition (UVP).

In helping them uncover their singular advantage, we discovered restaurant consultants typically funnel their clients into "canned" programs, whereas CCC’s services are 100% customized from start to finish. Canned programs rarely fit the needs of the end clients, and typically deliver low-quality results. Based on this insight, the essence of the UVP became evident.

Their UVP clearly and simply explains why potential customers should choose their company instead of the competition:

Creative Culinary Consulting delivers 100% customized solutions for all your restaurant-related challenges.