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Creative Cabinetry

Case Study Type: Website design and development
Overview: Learn how we helped a Colorado cabinetry company assemble an increasing number of new clients and sales

Web design screenshot for Colorado cabinetry company

David Preaus and Trip Butler purchased Creative Cabinetry, an established Colorado cabinetry company, in 2007.

"We were buying an existing business so we wanted to keep the name recognition, yet, at the same time establish we were new owners. Developing a new company website that promoted the new brand was a priority," said David.

Why did they choose Followbright?

Credibility was key, particularly online. After conducting a great deal of research, "it became quite evident that Followbright was the company we wanted to work with. They're nationally acclaimed with a terrific portfolio and located right in our back yard here in Colorado."

After working with us, Creative Cabinetry received a website that:

  • prospective and existing clients could easily find in the search engines
  • acted as an excellent sales tool during sales meetings and calls
  • elevated them far above their competition


The Creative Cabinetry website's design was cutting edge when the site was initially launched in 2007. In fact, the site's design was featured in all of the following online galleries:

website design galleries

Additional project images:

  • screenshot
  • website screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot
  • screenshot

How we helped:

  • Online strategy consultation
    Consulting to determine the most usable design layout and content organization for increasing visitor engagement.
  • Custom website design
    Creation of a from-scratch, unique look & feel.
  • Website coding
    Transformation of the approved, custom design into the final functioning web site.
  • Featured work photo gallery
    Design and development of creative, easy to use galleries featuring the client's work.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Application of basic SEO techniques have put the client in the #1 spot in Google for almost all targeted keywords.
  • Site updates and maintenance
    The client trusts Followbright to make quick, accurate site updates upon request.
  • Website and email hosting

What was it like working with Followbright?

photo of David Preaus, owner of Creative Cabinetry in Breckenridge, ColoradoUpon beginning to work with Followbright it quickly became clear we'd chosen the right partner to help us deliver what we'd envisioned. The process was efficient and, more importantly, it combined our vision with their expertise.

Our website exceeded our expectations and continues to impress clients today and drive business through our doors. And now, anytime we have needed to update or change the site, it's been been effortless."

David also went on to share that the company's website has been a true difference maker with their sales:

"Not only did our website exceed our expectations, it's is attractive, useful, and gets good placement in web searches. Even better, it is a site we use with our out-of-town clients to introduce ourselves and our business—we can walk through it with our clients to show projects we have done.

Our website is absolutely a difference maker during our sales process. Having the site for several years now, we are extremely glad we made our website a priority and even happier we chose Followbright to create it for us.

David Preaus, Owner