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Copper Colorado Condos

Case Study Type: Unique Value Proposition development
Overview: Learn how we helped a vacation rental company own a unique advantage

Digital marketing agency copywriting case studyAfter six years of diligently serving vacationers, Copper Colorado Condos (CCC) could confidently share the 3 things that matter most to them: 1) price, 2) location and 3) views.

Despite these insights, CCC struggled with how to differentiate their business from the abundant amount of competitors in the area.

One characteristic that distinguishes Copper Colorado Condos from its competitors is its exceptional personal service. Initially, we explored ways to make this the basis for the company’s UVP. Although amazing service has been a driving factor in their success, it is an intangible, subjective feature. It is therefore difficult to articulate as a believable claim; everyone can (and does) claim this.

Further discussions uncovered an interesting observation...

Every property in Copper Colorado Condos’ inventory offers coveted mountain views as well as slopeside access.

While other local vacation rental companies may make this claim for individual units, no competitor could deliver this promise across all its properties. This discovery became the basis for Copper Colorado Condos’ UVP: “Mountain views and slopeside access come standard with every property.”

The Unique Value Proposition process

We took the following steps in developing Copper Colorado Condos’ UVP:

  1. Conducted an in-depth interview with the company's co-owner to better comprehend the competitive landscape and their unique characteristics
  2. Furnished a detailed analysis that reviewed the websites of 13 directly competing alternative solutions
  3. Identified 4 key advantages of the company's properties and what made them unique within the marketplace
  4. Presented 12 UVP statement options, categorized according to 3 key differentiating features
  5. Worked directly with Copper Colorado Condos to polish their final UVP choice