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Case Study Type: Core messaging
Overview: How we employed the power of simplicity to help the Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency help Colorado

CIRSA image What is CIRSA, in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, CIRSA (Colorado Intergovernmental Risk Sharing Agency) is an innovative insurance solution for Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities.

By pooling member resources, CIRSA increases their buying power in the insurance marketplace. This means CIRSA's members get more coverage, at a better price, than they could on their own.

Members also enjoy free, award-winning risk-prevention training programs, professional legal counsel, and the kind of personal claims assistance big commercial carriers simply can't deliver.

And because members own CIRSA, not shareholders, they're the direct beneficiaries of all CIRSA investments and activities—they even earn financial equity in the organization over time.

Hmm. This isn't a small nutshell.

You're right. In fact, it's a mouthful.

And therein was the problem.

CIRSA was struggling to communicate all this information in a consistent, compelling, and concise manner.

And that's exactly why CIRSA contacted Followbright:

CIRSA was looking for help with clarifying its positioning and simplifying a complex messaging platform—so it could communicate more effectively with members and prospects.

With a clear and benefit-driven point of difference, a messaging platform whittled from 11 pages to 4, and a contemporary new brand voice, CIRSA now has the key communication tool it needs to recruit and retain members, and help more Colorado municipalities operate with peace of mind.

CIRSA's new positioning statement

CIRSA is unlike any other insurance solution. As part of a pool of Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities, you have more power in the market. You'll get more coverage, at a better price, than you could on your own.

As a member, you'll also enjoy free, award-winning training programs and professional legal counsel, and the kind of personal attention big commercial carriers just can't deliver.

We work for our members, not shareholders, so everything we do directly benefits your organization and your community.

Key message samples from CIRSA's new messaging platform

CIRSA is a pool

We're not like traditional insurance carriers. Because we buy insurance as a pool, our members get a lot more for their money, like higher limits and better coverage. And when you have a claim, the pool helps absorb the financial impact, smoothing the road throughout the year.

Public entities are our focus

CIRSA serves Colorado municipalities and affiliated public entities. Period. Today, more than 250 members trust us to help keep their insurance costs down and their risk to a minimum.

In the client's words...

photo of Courtney Everything with the project was awesome and we're completely, 100% satisfied with the messaging strategy! The messaging document is so much easier to use, it's more approachable, and it captures the tone I was looking for perfectly.

I also really appreciate the time you spent with me learning our business. You were really patient and thoughtful and I appreciated your fresh take on things.

~ Courtney Fagan, Manager
CIRSA Membership Services