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Antique Design

Case Study Type: Custom website design and development
Overview: How we helped a custom carpentry company build a business during a down economy

Web design screenshot for Colorado custom carpentry company

A down economy motivated Colorado high country carpentry business owner Jason Kompf to begin marketing his company's services online; he wanted to make it easier for potential clients to discover his company's exceptional services.

Through clear, simple copy as well as a clean, easy to navigate portfolio showcasing the company's work, Antique Design's site paid for itself in less than 2 months.

Even more impressive, despite a stagnant construction industry, the company's website attracted so many new inquiries that, within 3 months' time, they actually had to begin turning projects away.


The Antique Design website's design was featured in both W3C Sites and CSSLoggia:

website galleries featured in

Additional project images:

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How we helped:

  • Online strategy consultation
    Provided guidance and worked closely with the client to determine the type of content potential customers would be most interested in and how that content should be organized.
  • Content improvement
    We cleaned up, slimmed down, and improved initial copy provided by client to make it more interesting and meaningful to potential customers. We also improved the presentation of many of the client's photos.
  • Site design
    Creation of a completely custom, from-scratch, unique look & feel.
  • Website coding
    Transformation of the approved, custom design into the final functioning web site.
  • Featured work photo gallery
    Design and development of creative, easy to use galleries that showcase the client's work.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Quickly obtained exceptional search engine rankings for a wide variety of keyword terms and phrases, ranking the new website far above long-established competitors and in the top 3 spots (and often the #1 spot) in Google.
  • Site updates and maintenance
    This client trusts Followbright to make quick, accurate website updates upon request.
  • Website and email hosting

In the client's own words...

photo of Jason Kompf

We're getting rave reviews of our website. Even better, it's done wonders for our company. We're seeing a constant stream of new customers--even with the down economy!

In fact, we just landed a deal with another new customer yesterday who contacted us right after he found my site in Google. Business has shot up 29% since the new site launched, and the site has done wonders for landing us new work.

Many times it's our website that seals the deal when potential clients are comparing our company to the competitors. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.

~ Jason Kompf, Owner
Antique Design of Colorado