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It’s Middle School All Over Again. Your Website Is Being Judged By Its Looks.

By Josh  |   Website Improvement

Trust me. I'm a great doctor.

Would you trust a doctor if he walked into the exam room wearing cut-off jeans, a ratty t-shirt and dirty sneakers?

What would you think about a restaurant if you walked in for the first time only to find dirty dishes stacked high on the bar, crumbs everywhere, and sticky rings dotted across mustard yellow plastic table covers?

Like it or not, people form lasting opinions based on first impressions. It's part of being a human being; it's part of how we make decisions.

That doctor might be excellent and that restaurant's food might be exceptional.  Yet the slovenly dressed doctor makes us feel concerned that his treatment might be sloppy. And the dirty restaurant makes us queasy and causes us to wonder what's going on behind the kitchen door. 

So here's the real question I want to ask you today:

Do you know what impressions your company's website is making on new site visitors? 

An expertly executed website design is capable of positively boosting a company's credibility. On the flip side, a poorly executed design is more than capable of turning customers away before they've even learned what products or services are offered.

Design is a Proven Top 10 Credibility Boosting Factor

Stanford Web Credibility Research, part of the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, has conducted years of research on over 4,5000 people looking into what builds a website's credibility.  Not surprisingly, one of the top 10 components of a credible website was the website's design.  They found that “people quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone.”  

Other research conducted during the past decade, such as the widely referenced Consumer Web Watch report, has reached similar conclusions.  It's a fact: a professional website design is almost always a critical component in building website credibility.

It's Difficult to Look At Your Own Site Objectively

Assessing your own site with an objective eye is extremely challenging. You're partial to your company. You see your website on a regular basis. Everything looks fine.

Because it can be so difficult to spot problem elements in your site's design that might be detracting from your company's credibility on your own, you may wish to consider getting the opinion of an unbiased professional.

A professional website evaluation and the resulting recommendations can help ensure the design of your site complements—rather than competes with—your brand.

Not sure if your site's design is helping or harming your company's credibility? 
Drop us an email and we'd be happy to:

  1. send you our opinion and
  2. provide you with a few quick website design improvement tips you can implement immediately, on your own, to boost your credibility.

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