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Would Your Business Benefit From a Website Blueprint?

By Erin  |   Website Improvement

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One of the top website consulting services provided by our Denver web agency is the Website Blueprint.

We’ve written a number of blog posts on Website Blueprints in the past, so if you’re a follower of our blog, you’re no stranger to the topic.

One of the most common questions we’re asked by prospective clients when it comes to our web consulting services is “We see it’s an amazing service, but how can we know whether we’ll benefit from a Website Blueprint (and whether we should invest in one instead of sending out a request for proposals)?”

It’s a great question, since Website Blueprints aren’t a great match for everyone.

Here’s an answer to that question from our lead web strategist, Rob:

One of the big indicators a business would benefit from a Website Blueprint is if they’ve already sought proposals and have received back a number of proposals or documents or quotes that are nearly impossible to compare.

These businesses realize that with proposals, they can't compare “apples to apples” – in other words, the requirements they’ve set forth for their project aren't crystal clear, which means that in order to put together a proposal, agencies are forced to make multiple, serious assumptions (or just hand over a cookie-cutter proposal and hope for the best).

It’s not uncommon for businesses to not be crystal clear about EXACTLY what they want to see in their new or reworked website. And oftentimes businesses find themselves struggling to compare and choose from different proposals containing widely ranging recommendations and budgets. These are tell-tale signs their projects (and sanity… and pocketbooks) would benefit from the upfront planning, organization, clarity, and completeness that comes from a Website Blueprint process.

Considering a Website Blueprint? Learn more about the process.

In other scenarios, we work with businesses that have brilliant visions and understand what success looks like to them. They often feel like they have a ton of great ideas. The problem is, they’ve found they struggle to explain all of them, think through all the important details and implications, and get clear on exact requirements and goals necessary for agencies to put together accurate quotes or proposals. These businesses absolutely love getting to sit down with us during creative work sessions and “brain dump”. Then it's our job to put all the disparate puzzle pieces together to help them prioritize their ideas and goals and lay out a clear plan for achieving what's most important for their projects.

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