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With WordPress Websites Getting Hacked Daily, We Can’t Beat the ‘Prevention-is-Key’ Drum Too Loud

By Camille  |   Business Website Tips

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So you turned down the extended warranty on the television you bought? Meh, probably not the end of the world.

And the insurance plan on your mobile device? Well, unless you have the dropsies, no hugely catastrophic circumstances are likely there either.

But passing on a preventative maintenance plan for your company's WordPress website? Now that places your business and its investment in its online presence at risk and should not be taken lightly.  

Seriously. You need it.

What’s the big deal?

We recently shared  a story about a client who ended up in a very stressful and likely damaging situation after their company’s WordPress website was hacked. We had recommended the same simple plan to this client that we do for all of our WordPress clients, which is to invest in:

  1. A solid, secure hosting service that includes ongoing backups
  2. A simple, quarterly Preventative Care Package 

The client waived both offerings and later found that their company's website homepage had been taken over by international underground hackers, and the rest of their site had been permanently deleted. Eek.  And double-eek because their hosting service didn't keep backups. 

It was incredibly stressful and expensive for the client to have their WordPress website rebuilt, and it could have been avoided altogether.

Think your WordPress website can't get hacked? We assure you it can.

How can they do that?

Intruders are increasingly automating the hacking process by using tools that crawl the Internet looking for sites with outdated or insecure software, such as WordPress themes or plugins. Oftentimes these bots create new pages in background areas of the WordPress site to piggyback on its existing authority with search engines like Google.

The bad news is that the new pages are nearly guaranteed to represent your company in a way we don’t think you would choose. We’re talking spammy pharmaceuticals and adult content. You know the type.  

Sometimes, you can't tell a WordPress site has been hacked just by browsing around and looking at it.

As soon as the search engines find this undesirable content, your site’s search engine rankings can suffer and may even be blocked completely for potential customers who have “Safe Search” turned on in their browsers.

What can I do to avoid trouble?

Prevention is key, so don’t wait until after something (potentially very) bad happens. It'll be a costly, stressful, and painful mistake. 

We can’t emphasize this point enough. Look into our web Preventative Care Packages, and invest in your company's website as well as some true peace of mind.

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