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Why You Shouldn’t Be Asking Web Agencies To Give You Proposals

By Erin  |   Business Website Tips

The many problems with website proposals

A while back, I was interviewed for an editorial piece in Applied Arts magazine.

The interview's target audiences are actually web design agencies and freelancers, and in the interview I encouraged them to shy away from always generating proposals for potential clients.

Why? Because of the many, many problems and challenges standard proposals create—from misunderstandings caused by required assumptions to omissions of important features due to limited exploration prior to a project's start.

Today I'm sharing the interview with you so you can understand exactly why asking a handful of web agencies to provide you with proposals for your new website can very likely end up hurting your business and the web agency with whom you work.

This interview will give you an insider's peek into why web agencies often dread putting together proposals, and the tremendous risks both clients and web agencies take when proposals are the required first step when beginning a new website project.

In fact, you'll even learn a reason why we had to increase a project's fees for a recent client (and how you can avoid having your project's final costs bumped up).

You'll also learn about Followbright's recommended solution to the many problems created by the omnipresent "Let's-request-a-bunch-of-proposals-for-our-new-website" mentality. (For those of you pressed on time today, you can learn about our solution by jumping straight to our Website Blueprint page).

You'll find the interview right here in this Applied Arts editorial column.

And of course, feel free to email me or schedule a conversation if you have any questions about proposals or our Website Blueprint service. 


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