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Where To Find Better Stock Photos For Your Business’s Website

By Erin  |   Website Design | Website Improvement

stock photo

For many, the phrase "stock photos" brings to mind contrived, often cheesy shots such as those of business men in suits sitting around conference tables pointing at laptops, or perhaps shots such as those with ethnically-diverse groups merry children displaying painfully big smiles whilst holding hands and skipping across green fields.

But not all stock photos feel so.... stocky!

Here at Followbright, we believe better websites deserve better stock photos.

Today we're sharing with you a link to a great spot where you can find  fantastic stock photos for your company's website, social media, or online marketing, especially if you're looking for something a bit unique or out of the ordinary.

First a few examples.

Examples of unique stock photos...

Take a look at the link we share with you below photos like this shot of a bridge (courtesy of that's located about 5 minutes from where I grew up as a child: superfamous

...or beautiful nature shots like this from

...or unique perspectives on everyday things like these from

Ready for beautiful, unique stock photos?

Visit the secret stock photo page we found now

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