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What Websites MUST Focus On to Increase Leads & Revenue

By Erin  |   Website Copywriting

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Do you want your website to generate additional leads and sales?  

If the answer is yes, I've got some important advice for you today. Read on.

Where the problem often starts

Clients often come to us with very specific problems.

Their website doesn’t reflect the products and services they provide.
Their website looks unprofessional.
It’s disorganized.
It’s not optimized for search.
And it’s not generating revenue.

First and foremost, all technical elements, broken functionality, and problematic design components need to be fixed, asap.  

After these immediate concerns are addressed, we discuss the copy—the words that populate the pages a client's website. At this point, many clients say, “We’ll take care of the copy” or "Leave the copy as-is. We think it's fine."

Unfortunately, unless the client has a copywriter in house who understands how to write for the web and how to write to sell, this is what ends up happening 90% of the time:

Once the website launches, it looks beautiful and it’s functional but it fails to generate the leads and revenue the client expects.

This is bad.
The client isn't happy.
They don't see the ROI they expected.
The site isn't doing the job it's supposed to.

After all, the whole point of a online marketing  makeover is to improve conversion—and thus revenue.

(Additionally, 9 out of 10 times, when clients write their own content, the website launches behind schedule because the copy is late. Clients almost always underestimate the time investment that goes into writing content for a website.)

The numbers tell the truth

At Followbright, we measure conversion and other key website metrics using advanced website tracking tools.

When we replace ‘amateur’ copy with professionally written copy, conversion increases dramatically.

Conversion means a customer has taken an action we want them to take. Site visitors convert when they:

  • Buys something
  • Complete an online form
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Download a document
  • Watch a video
  • Subscribe to a blog
  • Any other action we define upfront

In Search Engine Journal, one of the web's most trusted resources on search engine rankings and conversions, Alex Cleanthous writes…

“The words you use on your website are the only words a website visitor can read to make a decision on whether to take action on your offer or not. And, like any salesperson, the better you make the ‘sales pitch’ on your website, the more people will take action on your offer.”

The salesperson reference that Alex makes above is extremely important.

Why? Because the people in charge of selling your products/services are critical to the success of your organization. If nobody at your company is selling, customers won't be buying. 

This is exactly why you need to think of the copy on your website and in your digital marketing as your salesperson.

Unless you're an expert, when you write your website's copy, you’re sending a weak salesperson out into the world to promote your products or services.

When you invest in expert, effective website copywriting, you’re hiring a rock star salesperson who:


  • Works 24/7/365
  • Never asks for vacations
  • Is a fraction of the cost of a ‘real’ salesperson
  • Increases the quality of leads
  • Kicks out the ‘tire-kickers’
  • Increases direct sales

Understanding the importance of website copywriting

Some clients understand the power of professional website copywriting before they meet with us for the first time. Others ‘get it’ after we explain the key concepts.

Remember: you’ve got a choice when it comes to website copywriting. Write it yourself and risk your entire online marketing investment. Or work with experienced professionals (like our Denver website copywriters) to write the copy and experience a substantial increase in the leads and sales your site generates.

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