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No Need to Read If You’re One of the 9 People Who Actually Knows What Content Strategy Is.

By Josh  |   Website Copywriting

content strategy

"Content Strategy."

Sounds like it might be something a little bit fancy. Perhaps something important.

You're right. It is a tiny bit fancy in that it requires experts to do right. And it is very important, definitely.

In fact, in our humble opinion, it's one of the most important investments business owners can make when planning to improve an existing website, rework an existing website, or build a brand new website from scratch.

But what IS content strategy, exactly??

So glad you've asked.

Perfect timing, actually—because we just recently added an easy-to-read page that answers this very question to the Services section of our site.

Take a look at our content strategy page right here for the birds-eye overview and all the juicy details covering why content strategy is so (VERY) important. Then you can judge for yourself whether you find it fancy or not.

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