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What Do We Need In Order To Have a Website?

By Erin  |   Websites: The Basics

website illustration concept *(island with mountain illustration)

As a web design and development company, we’re responsible for not only educating our clients on the official definitions of various web terms and technologies, but for making the concepts of those terms and technologies easy to understand.

It’s our job to explain how things work and ensure our clients never feel worried or intimidated when making functionality requests for their sites.

A common website development question we receive is, “What are all the different pieces and parts we need to think about in order to have our own website?”

The answer is simple: you need just three things.

The Three Things

First, you need a domain name. For example, our website’s domain name is  (Not sure how to go about finding a host for your website? Give us a call and we’ll take care of that for you so you don’t need to worry about).

Second, you need website hosting, which gives your domain name a figurative plot of land on the web that you rent where your website can sit.  No hosting = no place for your website to exist.

Third, you need an actual website, which is what a web design and development company creates for you. 

Of these three things, clients tend to find the concept of hosting the most nebulous and intimidating. For this reason, we’ve designed an extraordinarily simple, colorful, fun illustration for you that explains the relationship between these three website requirements. View this PDF Illustration right here.

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