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Website Success Check-In: 3.5 Months After Launch

By Erin  |   Client Projects

success results, 3.5 months after website launch

In late July 2012 we launched a new website for American Sleep Medicine of Jacksonville, Florida.

The design was completely reworked, the site was completely reorganized, and the content was completely rethought.

Though American Sleep Medicine has yet to begin a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, the work we completed on the new website is already having a tremendous impact.

Let's take a look.

Quick Reminder: Then and Now

In case you didn't see our early August blog post announcing the new site's launch, here's what the old American Sleep Medicine website looked like:

old website design

And here's what the new website we designed and built looks like:

new website design

Site Performance

A quick peek at the company's Google Analytics account reveals some smile-worthy statistics. 

Note: The results below reflect Google Analytic's data comparing the same time period in 2011 (old site) and in 2012 (new site).  The time period being compared covers August 1st - November 25th.

Increased Site Visits

website visits Within just 3 months of the new website's launch, the total number of visits to the site has skyrocketed, increasing by 44.38%.  The increase in unique visits is very close, at 41.83%.

Increased Visitor Engagement

average website visit durationThe rethought and newly reorganized website has had a tremendous impact on visitor engagement.  Visitors are spending 31.55% more time on the new site than they spent on the previous version of the site.

Additionally, a healthy portion (over 60%) of the new website's visitors are staying on the website for more than 11 seconds—with nearly half of all visitors staying on the site for 31 seconds or longer! visitor engagement

Decreased Bounce Rate

bounce rateA website's bounce rate is the percentage of visits it receives that are single-page visits—meaning someone arrived, perhaps took a glance around, then left the site without going to another page within the site.

Google Analytics shows a substantial decrease (36.49%) in the number of one-page visits to the new site, expanding on the results shared in the section above: not only are people spending more time on the site, but more people are spending more time on the site!

Increased Search Engine Visibility

increased search engine visibility Since the launch of their reworked website, American Sleep Medicine has experienced a 24.67% increase in the number of visitors finding them in and arriving from the search engines.

Even without the implementation of a new online marketing strategy, the new site has improved their findability in the search engines. In other words, it's now much easier for potential customers to find American Sleep Medicine than it was in the past.

Only the Beginning

It's important to keep in mind that Google Analytics data shows only a small piece of the overall results picture.  Ideally, actual conversions, phone calls, and sales should be tracked and tied back to a business's website and online marketing efforts.  

The fantastic initial results the new American Sleep Medicine site has experienced in its first 3.5 months (even with no accompanying online marketing work) offers a small glimpse into just how impactful a well-built, goal-focused, expertly planned website can be.

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