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Before & After: Website Redesign For A National Massage Association

By Erin  |   Client Projects

Screenshot from ABMP

Last year, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP), an association with nearly 90,000 members across the United States, asked us to create an entirely new website design for their aging site.

Over time, ABMP's content-rich site had grown increasingly outdated, and in 2014 the organization determined it was finally time to invest in a more appropriate and fitting design.

Before: The previous website design

Prior to working with Followbright, the ABMP website homepage looked like this:

Denver Colorado massage website redesign

After: The all new website design

After working with Followbright and moving through a wireframing and user experience consulting phase, ABMP received their all new, experiential website design, as seen below.  

Massage association Homepage website design

(Please note that Followbright only created the new design for this initial landing page. We did not complete any development work for the website. Instead, ABMP's internal team took the design styling and components we created and applied them to the remainder of the website.)

What was it like working with us?

After sharing how much everyone at ABMP was in love with their all-new design, Lara Bracciante, ABMP's Director of Information Services shared, "We so appreciated the objective, focused approach you provided—it was just what we needed!"  Jed Heneberry, ABMP'S Director of Marketing and Member Relations, shared, "Followbright is always right on top of everything. They’re extremely responsive to requests, which made an enormous difference for us. We were very impressed with their diligence and transparency. They always made sure we were updated on the status and progress of our various deliverables."

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