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Website Improvement Case Study For A High-End Eco-Tourism Company

By Erin  |   Website Improvement

website improvement results that Wow!

In the Fall of last year, Denver high-end eco-tourism company Reefs to Rockies reached out to us to determine whether we might be a great match for helping them with a website redesign project.

We recently posted a complete, detailed case study on this website improvement project which you can take a look at or, if you'd instead prefer a quick summary, continue reading today's post below.

Of course we didn't dive right in

As regular readers of this blog know, we never dive in to a website project without doing two things first:

  1. Working together with the potential client to determine whether we'd actually be a good fit (or not)
  2. Asking (a whole lot of) questions to find out if the potential client's thoughts about what they need would actually be the best solution for them, or if they'd be better served by an alternative solution.

After checking item #1 off the above list, we proceeded to ask questions.  Lots and lots and lots of questions.*

It's a good thing we didn't dive right in to a website redesign

Interestingly, we ended up determining that a website redesign would likely not solve the company's biggest challenges, and that they could see a bigger return on their investment far more quickly by thinking about their challenges in a different way.

So, as much as love custom web design projects (especially for wonderful Denver clients!), we ultimately recommended an alternative plan of action that didn't include hiring us for web design work at all.

Audit, analysis, and consultation

Before a decision could be made about what strategies would help Reefs to Rockies get where they were looking to go as quickly as possible, data needed to be analyzed. After all, recommendations without data are typically called guesses.

Thus, we moved forward with a three-pronged consultative approach for this eco-tourism company that resulted in a custom Action Plan with 15 - 20 custom, bite-sized and prioritized recommendations to help them achieve their goals and overcome their biggest challenges.

After implementing *only* the very first recommendation in this action plan, the results were astounding.

For example, visits to their site shot up +128.59% in the first 3 months.

During those same 3 months, their site's page views increased +52.69%.

See the complete case study

Curious to hear what we recommended?  
Interested in seeing more metrics?  
Looking for a bit of backstory that paints a clearer picture of this client's situation?


Check out the complete website improvement case study with all the details now.


* Companies that get irritated when asked a large number of questions are rarely ever a good fit with us.

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