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Website’s DOWN?? Instantly Learn Whether It’s Time to Start Panicking (Or Not)

By Josh  |   Websites: The Basics

Is it time to panic? Should I be panicking?

It’s just how things go. It's part of life. Even with phenomenal hosting services, sometimes websites go down.

Your website,
your bank’s website,
your favorite news site.
Your favorite sports site,
your favorite weather site,

Big or small, simple or fancy, websites go down sometimes.

And yet...

And yet, we all know that when our OWN website goes down...


I know this because we've received frantic, end-of-the-world SITE-DOWN!! emails from clients. We've received SITE-DOWN!! phone calls during which I swore I could hear hair being ripped from the scalp. (None of these calls came from clients using our hosting, of course.)

But here’s the thing:
Oftentimes people think their site is down when it’s actually not. 

It's true.

A variety of explanations exist as to why someone might not be able to view his own site when everyone else can.

Sometimes DNS isn’t flushed.
Sometimes things go weird with host files.
Sometimes domain name server changes haven't propagated. 
Sometimes your Internet Service Provider is providing less-than-fantastic service.
Sometimes people attempt to visit their sites by typing an incorrect address (yep, seen it).

In other words, it's not unlikely that you might someday believe your site is down when it's not.

So how can you know for sure?

The next time you fear your site may be down—before you get yourself too worked up and before you contact your webmaster—visit

Just visit the site, enter your website address into the box and click the blue, underlined “or just me” text. You’ll find out right away if your fear is justified and there indeed might be an actual problem with your site that's preventing everyone from seeing it.

On the other hand, you may discover that it really is just you, that everyone else can see your site, and that there's no reason to panic so intensely. You still might wish to contact your webmaster or website maintenance company at this point, but hopefully you’ll now be able to do so with a mind as calm as the ocean.

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