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Website Blueprint Webinar = Success!

By Erin  |   Followbright News

RGD Ontario logo (take 2)

Originally, I was slated to be the guest speaker on a webinar for the Association of Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario (RGD) last Wednesday (9/12/12).  

Unfortunately, the webinar was plagued with mystery audio problems and echoing right from the start, and no one was able to pinpoint what was causing the problems.  

So, to everyone's dismay, the webinar was cancelled.  

But then, to everyone's delight, it was rescheduled for today.

The webinar was entitled "Scoping an Interactive Project (When the Client Doesn't Know What They Need)" and was hosted by the phenomenal Ilise Benun of Marketing Mentor.  

I provided an overview of Followbright's Website Blueprint process, it was a lot of fun, and there was just enough time for me to answer several questions during the final Q&A period.  I wish there had been enough time to answer more; I know people were curious to learn how they could begin using the process (or a similar one) in their businesses.

Not sure what the Followbright Website Blueprint is?  Definitely take a moment to look at summary I wrote included in my initial webinar post.

Thanks to RGD Ontario for having me as a guest this week, and to all the attendees who listened and asked great questions. 

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