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We Guest Posted in Consumer Advocate Denise Richardson’s Blog

By Erin  |   Websites: The Basics

Photo of Denise Richardson, Author

I was recently asked by author Denise Richardson to guest post for her blog, and last week my post went live.

Denise is a beloved consumer advocate and certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist. In other words, she's a hero to many as she fights tirelessly to make the world a safer place for consumers.

Her book, Give Me Back My Credit! One Woman's True Story of Surviving Credit Errors, tells her own David vs. Goliath horror story about how having her credit stolen ended up stealing 10 years of her life.  

Denise's bookHer website focuses on offering advice and helpful information on the topics of debt, credit, predatory lending, identity theft, mortgage servicing, scams, and cyber crime.

While I'm far from an industry expert in any of these areas, I was honored to contribute to her educational efforts and write a post that helps people understand what they can do when someone steals their online content.

Unfortunately, I'm more experienced than I'd like to be in this area, as we've had many, MANY web companies copy our website's content and paste it into their own, promoting themselves with the copy we so carefully and thoughtfully crafted. It's not a fun thing to experience.

Here's a link to my post on Denise's website.

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