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Denver Web Design Process: Sneak Peek Behind a Creative Logo Design

By Erin  |   Followbright News

illustration of a river

Our Denver web design team recently completed a logo design for Anabranch Flood of Colorado, a company specializing manual flood determinations, flood risk assessments, and flood risk counsel. Their clients are primarily banking institutions.

The company truly stands heads and shoulders above their competition, and we devised a positioning strategy for them that culminated in a Core Messaging Platform that allows them to consistently communicate their unique difference and value to their customers. But today we're talking logos.

First things first: what's an anabranch?

An anabranch is an offshoot of a river or stream that breaks away from the main body of water, finds a more efficient path, then rejoins the main river or stream.

The red arrows in this image point to anabranches:

red arrows pointing to anabranches


Making sure we're on target

Before any logo design work begins, there are questions.

Lots and lots of questions. Exploration and discovery.

And after exploration, questioning, and discussions, a general picture begins to emerge.

The picture, at first, is typically only a mood. We capture that mood and make sure we're on the same page as the client through the creation of a visual moodboard.

Here is the moodboard that represented the general aesthetic Anabranch was looking for in their new company logo:


Summary of understanding: Design Document

After our design team has ensured we're on the same page as the client when it comes to a general mood and direction, we dig a bit deeper. 

More questions and discussion.

And this culminates in a Design Document that summarizes all of the client's preferences, data, likes, dislikes, and requests. 

Anabranch Flood's 10-page Design Document recapped and synthesized all previous discussions and clarified visual preferences based on the feedback the client gave when reviewing other companies' logos. 

This is the final Design Document Anabranch Flood reviewed, made minor revisions to, and signed off on—signifying we were all clear about what the new logo should represent, feel like, and (just as importantly) not be like:

design document


The anabranch itself becomes the logo

During the design and exploration process, it became apparent that an anabranch often looks like the letter "A"—and conversely, the letter A contains an anabranch:

a and anabranch

Through this discovery, the final logo concept was created, polished, refined, and completed.

Here is the all-new, final Anabranch Flood logo chosen by the client:

anabranch flood logo

The untold story...

A good logo rarely happens after one light bulb blinks on. Idea after idea after idea is generated, and the best ideas are then explored during a creative logo design process.

This means that, oftentimes, a lot of great stuff left on the cutting room floor.

Below is one of those ideas that was left on the cutting room floor—an idea that had great potential, but was ultimately left behind when the client chose the simpler, more minimal option.

Follow along and watch the creative process for one of the non-winning concepts unfold.

You'll see an exploration in which the A and F letters were integrated with the concept of water flooding over the edges of a riverbank, culminating in an elegant design solution...

logo process 1

logo process 2

logo process 3

logo process 4

logo process 5

logo process 6

logo process 7

logo process 8

logo process 9

logo process 10

All culminating in an unused final concept that remains on the cutting room floor (because another concept was a better fit)...

final logo concept, unused

Not all creativity goes rewarded.

But at the end of the day, delighting a client and delivering exactly what they were hoping for and trusted you'd create for them is the ultimate goal.

With Anabranch Flood, the creative process flowed, the ultimate goal was achieved, and we have a very happy client who now has a new, beautiful, symbolic logo that's an absolute perfect fit.

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