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Custom Web Design Visual Walkthrough: Start To (Almost) Finish

By Erin  |   Client Projects | Website Design

abstract screenshot from a custom website design

Take a scroll through our blog post today and watch an evolution unfold.  An evolution of how a recent, from-scratch, completely custom website design for one of our international clients came to be.  From an idea to a Website Blueprint to image collection to wireframes to Design Document to moodboards to page designs—completing the design was a process that took creativity, collaboration between teams, and a total of six months.  (And that's just the design. It's not live yet as the site still needs to be coded and launched.)

Step 1: Blueprint

This client initially approached us in need of pre-project consulting. They had a tremendous vision of what they were looking to achieve, but were lost when it came to planning out how a website could help them achieve their vision of success. We engaged in a 3 month planning and consulting project that culminated in a 30 page Website Blueprint that defined a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and mapped out everything from technical requirements to user interface recommendations to priorities to organizational needs.

Website Blueprint

Step 2: Wireframes

Close to 15 different page templates, for both mobile and desktop, were wireframed out prior to actual design work beginning. Thinking through, then mapping out how content would be presented to the site's visitors was a lengthy yet highly critical and strategic phase of this project.

custom website design project wireframes

Step 3: Design Document

Before doing any actual design work, we mapped out a written design plan and summary that allowed the client to confirm we were all the same page with the same understandings of the new website design's direction, goals, style, inspiration, and "feel".

custom website design document

Step 4: Image Collections

Based on the direction determined in the Design Document, we next set about locating image options, exploring combinations of colors and organic, sharp, and soft visuals.

image set collection

Step 5: Moodboard + Element Explorations

After receiving approval on a specific set of images from the proposed image collections, the custom website design direction was refined through multiple moodboard and element exploration iterations, showing what font, color, and texture combinations would feel like.

custom moodboard, website design

Step 6: Final Designs

Join us next week to see the culmination of the process above: the final beautiful page designs.

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