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Video: New Responsive Website Launched For WWBD

By Josh  |   Client Projects | Website Design

Responsive website design video preview

Earlier this year we launched an all-new, completely redesigned version of an established personal health + wellness blog for the owner of a California technical copywriting consultancy. 

You can view details of the site in our portfolio here.

The blog is fully responsive. (If you're scratching your head at this point wondering, "What's a responsive website??", make sure you read our popular blog post on this topic (complete with images and examples) that explains this term and helps you determine whether your business needs one—or not.

The video below illustrates the true magic of a responsive website, and shows you how it automatically and intelligently resizes itself based on the browser size its being viewed in.

As the video plays you'll notice how fluidly and seamlessly the website restructures itself  for desktop, tablet, and phone views.

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