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Use This One Guerrilla Marketing Bonus Tip For More Powerful Video Testimonials

By Erin  |   Online Marketing

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Your video testimonials bonus tip

As promised last week (and expanding upon our initial post on customer video testimonials two weeks ago), today we're sharing a simple yet exceptionally powerful tip that will boost the effectiveness, trustworthiness, and credibility of the video testimonials you collect from your customers. 

The best part is that this technique actually does double-duty: it works not only for video testimonials but for written testimonials as well!

When they have no direction…

When you don't provide direction to customers who've offered to create video testimonials for you, those customers will likely do what’s natural for them. They'll say nothing but wonderful things about you.

This means that after collecting a number of customer video testimonials, you end up with a collection of everything-is-always-perfect videos in which customers share nothing other than how great you are.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


When you have nothing other than video testimonials insisting how wonderful you are, it does mean you’re missing a big opportunity.

You're missing an opportunity to use the power of video to help your potential customers overcome their personal objections to—and deepest worries about—buying your product or service.

We all have our doubts…

As consumers, we naturally have doubts and concerns before making purchases.

  • Will this really product work for me?
  • Is this service going to be worth the investment?
  • Can I truly rely on this company?
  • Will working with this business be a waste of my time?
  • Can I return the product if it doesn’t fit my needs?

Read on to discover how you can capitalize on these doubts via your customers' video testimonials.

Here’s the powerful tip we promised you. Read carefully!

When customers offer to provide you with video testimonials, ask them to start the testimonials by immediately sharing an initial hurdle, reservation, or fear they had about buying from you.

Why would you ask them to do that?

A video that has a negative start actually hooks viewers and pulls them in because it's the exact opposite of what they're expecting.

In fact, negatives "hook" our brains because we’re constantly scanning our environments for harmful things or things that don't match up with patterns we expect. It’s just human nature. 

After they share their worry...

Next, after sharing their initial worries or fears, have your customers then share how they felt after they purchased from you.

You need them to share how you made their worries go away.

A video testimonial that starts with a negative that's followed up with an explanation as to how you saved the day is a completely unexpected, and powerful format that's light years different than the standard sugar-sweet testimonial.

Not just for video testimonials

Remember, this technique can be used in both video testimonials and written testimonials. 

For example, here’s a written testimonial provided by one of our clients; we requested she start her testimonial using the technique we described above.

client photoWe were extremely hesitant and concerned about redoing our website with Followbright, due to the substantial amount of time and investment we knew they'd require. However, after working with them and thinking about all the benefits of what we received, it's just all so far beyond our expectations and what we ever could have imagined. Plus, the entire process was AMAZINGLY effective and simple. We're blown away at how beautiful the design looks and how intricate the functionality is. 

L. Wadden, Ski Resort lodging company owner

See how this unique start to the testimonial catches you and pulls you in?

How it feels more authentic?

Use this technique to guide your next customer who offers to create a video testimonial for you. You’ll get a final video testimonial that's more far more believable and compelling than a nothing-but-sugar testimonial!

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